How to Complete Painter Champion Challenge In Clash of Clans

This time game features a new challenge called Painter Champion Challenge.

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By Naman Alok | Mar 22, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

It is well known that Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game. In which new events are introduced in the game by Supercell every few days. Which players are very fond of because players can participate in these events and win games, gold, Elixir and black elixir Players can participate in these challenges for free. All they have to do is modify their army at least according to the challenges. How to Complete Painter Champion Challenge in Clash of Clans

This time game features a new challenge called Painter Champion Challenge. In this challenge, already a base is given, and troops are also provided with it, in this the player can use only troops given by them, the player cannot use his army. Which will give them magic items, resources and experience points. This article covers the new upcoming Challenges and its rewards.

How to Complete Painter Champion Challenge In Clash of Clans

In this challenge, the base of the town hall 11 has to be destroyed with the help of an army composition of  Dragons and Heroes. Before attacking the base, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are mines at some corners of the base which can kill our troops. That’s why before attacking, find out the mines position in base.

I will give you the exact location to place the Rocket Balloons but if you’re not Pixel Perfect they might fire in a different direction missing one or two defenses is fine but if you need to just restart the challenge.

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Here are steps to complete Painter Champion Challenge:

•  First Place two Rocket Balloons to the left of this left hand side Archer Tower at 9’0 Clock this will snipeit off but moreover pull the poison tower.

 •  Now on the top of the base (12’0 clock) place an earthquake spell in between the air defense, sweeper and Poison tower.  Two lightning spells in between the air defense and Inferno tower.

•  One over the top of the sweeper and poison now Royal Champion at 12’0 Clock Archer Tower and instantly press the ability watch the defenses fall and then she will redirect to the most Western air defense once the air defense of the north has gone down.

•  You can place a dragon to that top gold storage just to be cleaning up for later on select your Headhunters and once The Inferno Tower goes down place all three of them behind your Royal Champion to go in and try and take down the defending Royal Champion now get ready with your skeleton spell. 

•  As the Royal Champion moves to the air defense place it to the left of that scatter shot the idea is we will pop both rage Towers to help the dragons later on now we will send in all of the dragons from this bottom right side space them out evenly alongside the balloons behind and then freeze the two single Target infernos.

•  You can freeze the town hall and Eagle as well rage over the top of the town hall and then with your two remaining freeze spells use these onto the scatter shot as your dragons get close depending on where the defending clan castle troops Go Your Dragons may or may not be pulled towards one or the other scatter shot this is why we held onto the rocket balloon so that once you have a clear path to the scatter shot you can send it in in order to snipe the one.

•  Finally, after applying this method perfectly, you win this battle easily.

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