How to check if Valorant Server is down or not?

By Tanisha Wankhade | Jan 24, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Riot Games’ VALORANT has been a great success after it’s launched in 2020. The FPS shooter is one of the most famous free-to-play multiplayer shooter game. Other problems such as bugs and server problems can occur when a game is famous. Here are the ways for readers can check VALORANT’s server status. How to check if Valorant Server is down or not?

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  • Check The Status Server Page

VALORANT looked like to have been conscious from the start that the game can experience server problems, and this is the reason why they have a VALORANT official server status page. The page will help all the readers to know if there are any logging problems or matchmaking problems.  Players will need to choose the right region to get details about the status of their server.

  • Check VALORANT’s Twitter Page

If it’s a server problem, it’ll be influencing even the best VALORANT gamers. VALORANT’s Twitter page is relatively active and has compelled players conscious of server problems in the past. The Twitter page normally notes experience problems, scheduled maintenance, or that the server downtime is arriving soon.

Players can also tag VALORANT and highlight the issue. This isn’t often beneficial, but if many players are confronting exact problems, they can like the tweet so you could get VALORANT’s attention. There’s an opportunity that those working behind the scenes aren’t conscious of the circumstance and might get to work on a solution after this.

  • It Could Be An Update Issue

Games like VALORANT esports have to be upgraded regularly. Occasionally, the big upgrades can directly lead you to server problems. This isn’t as normal with tinier upgrades. In these examples, it’s correct to have a small tolerance and wait it out. If your issues are not solved even after waiting it out, it is the time to try the above given steps.

  • Check Out VALORANT’s Support Page

If no steps given above works, tap on VALORANT’s support page. The support page will feature FAQ section that gives solutions to most problems a players might experience. This section also has the choice of submitting a ticket. A member of Riot’s support team will talk to you regarding the solution. You can then discuss the problem and it’s solution through a chat and clarify the server problems in detail.

  • Check VALORANT Communities For Solutions

VALORANT’s got a certainly huge online community that examines all manner of things about the game on sites such as Reddit, Twigivesd other lesser-known forums. There’s a good opportunity that somebody else has already presented the question and might have confronted a same problem in the past. These posts are frequently beneficial as they explain that the reader isn’t the only one to have confronted the issue and also provide solution.

So these are the ways that you can try. Trying any one of the given ways will help you. Make sure to follow the steps properly. Try the steps according to your will. We will keep you updated with upcoming updates of Valorant and other sports games. So, stay tunned and keep checking our feed.

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