How to chat in Valorant: Communicating with everyone in the lobby

Valorant is an FPV, team-based shooting game developed by Riot Games.

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Valorant is an FPV, team-based shooting game developed by Riot Games. Here, two teams of five players each take on each other. One team has to attack while the other one defends sites across different maps. And to play this game, communication is the key.

While players will primarily talk to their team to strategize how to win, sometimes talking to the opponent team – be it trash talk – feels necessary too. In this article, we have explained how to talk in both team chat and all chat.

How to Talk in Team Chat

Firstly, players will find all their communications settings within their menu. When talking to their team, using voice communications is the faster way of getting a message across than pausing and typing. The default push-to-talk keybind is “V”, but players can change this in their menu to whichever key suits them.

If players don’t like using voice communications, they can also turn them off entirely from their menu and use text in team chat instead. To do this, players just need to press “Enter” while in-game and press it again to send a message to their teammates.

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How to Talk in All Chat

Players don’t have the option to communicate with the opposing team through voice communications. However, players can talk to them with the help of text in all chats. To access this, there is a simple shortcut.

To communicate with everyone rather than just their team, press ‘Enter’ and ‘Shift’ simultaneously. Players need to type their message and press ‘Enter’ again, and all 10 players in the lobby will be able to see their message.

That’s all players need to know about communicating with their own team and the opponents in the game. If they are new to Valorant, it is recommended that they ensure their customization options in the game are perfected before stepping into competitive games.

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