How to apply for a V badge in Free Fire MAX?  

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Free Fire Community is attracted to V Badge, an in-game collectible. The V badge gives users a sense of uniqueness. This badge is often noticed by users on the profiles of many popular content creators, streamers, and other personalities. According to Free Fire’s OB25 update patch notes, gamers are rewarded with a V badge upon joining the game’s official partner program. However, gamers often find it difficult to access because it is not easy and they need to match the requirements set by the developer. So, let us see how to apply for a V badge in Free Fire MAX.

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The player must become a member of the game’s official partner program to receive the V badge. According to the website, participants must meet the following criteria.

1. Vibrant channel with over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

2. Manufacturers with 80% free fire content and 300,000 channel views in the last 30 days.

3. YouTubers are consistent in social media activity and content quality.

4. Participants must upload clean, non-offensive, and engaging content.

5. Gamers must also have the professionalism and a willingness to work hard.

6. Individuals need to have a passion for gaming and drive to be successful together.

If individuals meet these requirements, they can submit an application to join the partner program and receive a V badge on their free fire ID.

However, there is no guarantee of acceptance in the program as there is an internal evaluation process and only the best candidates are selected.

1. Prizes in the game, custom room cards and diamonds

2. Financial compensation

3. Advance access to content and authorized inspector client

4. Free Fire’s feature on social media

5. Code for donation

6. Communicate with the sports team

7. Invited to competitions and other sporting events

8. Exclusive goods

How to apply for a V Badge Partner Program?

Gamers are required to fill out a form if they attempt to obtain a V badge by entering the partner program.

It will ask them to enter information like their name, address, channel details (name, link, subscriber number), and more.

Steps to be followed 

Step 1: Users must visit the official partner program website on their device.

Step 2: Individuals need to tap on the “Apply Now” option shown on their screen.

Step 3: They will be redirected to Google Form, where all the details must be entered correctly.

Step 4: They can then submit the form to complete the application.

Final words

All the details about the game have been described above. Get the tactics your way and play wisely. 

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