How S8UL is taking Esports and content creation to a whole new level

The organisation mainly focuses on three aspects-- content creation, Esports, and player representation.

Esports and content creation, off-late have started going hand in hand. In India, the idea of Esports organisations creating content other than just related to gaming was relatively new and was the kind that most Indian audiences didn’t know they could enjoy. Once PUBG Mobile got banned in the country, esports athletes and organisations had to get creative to retain their audience. One such organisation was S8UL.

Home to two of India’s most loved organisations– SouL and 8Bit, S8UL is owned by Naman Mathur, Animesh Agarwal, and Lokesh Jain. The organisation mainly focuses on three aspects– content creation, Esports, and player representation. All the three aspects are very different from each other but mostly revolve around content creation and Esports.

The organsation is home to content creators and esports athletes from all verticles like mobile gaming, PC gaming, both content creation and Esports. When PUBG Mobile was banned in India, many players complied to the instructions given by the government and did not play the game, they all made a move to Valorant.

S8UL churning out content

It has been a year since PUBG Mobile global version was banned in India. Since then players have had to get creative to retain their audience. The first step towards that was trying out new games. S8UL athletes and content creators jumped on to other titles like Valorant, and leisure games like Human Fall Flat and what not. they were open to suggestions and tried their hand on everything. At the same time, the organisation moved to a bigger and better gaming house (boot camp) to provide their content creators top-notch quality products with the help of various brand collaborations.

Moving to a bigger gaming house meant only one thing–more content could be created with better production quality. Over the span of one year, a lot of things have happened for the Indian gaming community as a whole. More and more people have entered and some of them announced their retirement to focus just on content creation. At S8UL, Esports athletes and content creators come together every now and then to create content for the organisation. It started with a month-long content that saw each creator come up with a video idea for their channel and then moving ahead. Though experimental at times, continuous content kept the audience engaged. Some challenges were extremely interesting, and some were just spicy like the Jolo chip challenge. This was just the beginning of some very engaging content to flow.

Besides all of this, the organisation is also slowly trying to venture out into more things that are more related to lifestyle. It is likely to include a lot of merchandise like many other international organisations.

More than just content

Besides content creation, S8UL is also focusing on athlete representation and Esports with its Esports team for Battlegrounds Mobile India–SouL. Both verticles are extremely different from each other and have different purposes. Recently a SouL lineup for competitive gaming was announced. Soul Esports is back with its ever-so-loved PUBG mobile lineup but in the form of a Battlegrounds Mobile India roster. Soul lineup was most anticipated. It was one of the first Esports teams in India. It won many competitions in 2019, even representing India on a global platform. They are back with a new roster, some of the players being game-changers.

Soul Esports roster reveal was one of the most anticipated announcements in the gaming community. Soul lineup has two new members in their line up Sc0ut and Mavi. This dynamic duo makes a great addition to this roster by increasing their firepower and strategic prowess.

Sc0utOP was initially a party of team Fnatic. And Mavi from OR Esports has joined the team. They recently joined 8Bit Creatives as content creators.

On the other hand, the player representation verticle is looking to get players brand deals and endorsements from them to earn revenue from. For the S8UL gaming house, Gigabyte is one of the sponsors who have provided the creators with top-quality products.

For the reveal of the gaming house, S8ul uploaded an official tour video on YouTube and showcased a 15,000 sq. ft luxurious gaming space for the content creators and esports rosters representing S8UL. This “S8UL Gaming House 2.0” was a surprise revelation and certainly lived up to the hype created by 8BitThug and Mortal.

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