How many players does CS GO have? Is the game dying?

It has been 9 years since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came out.

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It has been 9 years since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came out. And, new stats show that it is still growing in active CSGO player count in 2022. New rivals of the game might have hampered the game’s popularity, but Valve’s shooter is recovering quickly.

But you must be thinking how many players does CS GO have in 2022? As per Steam charts, CS: GO is regaining the lost numbers this year.


According to the Steam Charts, CS: GO reached 991,625 players in January this year. This is the highest in the last 8 months, which proves that things are looking good for the game in 2022. The exact average numbers for CSGO are not known, but as per credible tracker Active Player, the game is set to average 35 million monthly players this year.

Last year, the game saw a significant decline consistently for 6 months. After hitting the 1 million milestone, the online format faced heat, taking down 16.75% of its player count. PGL Major Stockholm helped the game regain some of the lost counts. However, the game saw a great start this year.

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The game reached its all-time peak in April 2020, witnessing 1,305,714 concurrent players. However, this surge plummeted in the next month when CS GO dropped 10% of its players. The game quickly regained the 1 million mark in November 2020, and it seems to reach that mark yet again.

IS the game DYING?

The game’s popularity took a huge hit, but the numbers are still strong. Despite a slump, Valve’s shooter remains one of the most-discussed games this year. On Steam, CS GO retains its spot with a packed player list.

These numbers are projected to go even higher in 2022. Valve has already announced one major for the first quarter and might add another by the end of the year. These two tournaments should positively impact the game’s popularity, bringing in new players this year.

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