Hostile Minecraft mobs: Find out the game’s most dangerous monsters below

A player will run into multiple mobs in the game, but some are more dangerous than the others. Below is the list of the most deadly creatures in Minecraft.

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Not many games have become popular as Minecraft in the past decade. The mind-blowing features and gameplay have made millions addicted to the game. The universally acclaimed video game allows players to explore and create different kinds of blocks in a 3D world with infinite terrain. With multiple modes present in the game, the biggest challenge a player encounters is mobs. A user needs to be extra cautious about the hostile ones. In general, all mobs have their special attributes, but some are extremely dangerous than the others. Check out below to find the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft:


It includes the regular zombies and the baby zombies. They usually appear at night or in dark places like the caves. These walking corpses deal damage while making contact with the players. They are often present in places where the light level is seven or lower.

The baby variant is more lethal than the regular one. They are fast and can fit in one block spaces. It’s hard to hit the baby zombies while they make damages quicker than the usual ones. Direct sunlight can burn them and swords can be used to chop them off. Besides, watch out for underwater zombies called drowned and the zombie pigmen, which can be extremely tricky to deal with.


It does not get much difficult than facing these tall humanoids in Minecraft. They usually mind their own business until a player looks them in the eye. With a roaring noise, they charge at the player in lightning speed, attacking them till they are dead. What’s more challenging is the fact that Enderman can teleport.

Every time a player manages to hurt the creature, it teleports and attacks them from a different angle. It is equally difficult to escape and hide from them. When the player is fully decked out in diamond gear, it might be possible to fight them. An alternative scenario would be to attack their legs, thereby stopping them from teleporting.


The iconic monster is one of the most hostile mobs present in the game. A player will not only run the risk of dying when a creeper blows up near his base, but it can also cause lasting damages in the surrounding area. Their explosions can tear through anything and everything, making it one of the fearsome creatures in Minecraft.

It is extremely difficult to track them as they silently track the player. Once close, they produce a hissing noise before exploding. One of the most common mobs, creepers often ends up being the nightmare for amateurs and experts alike. When facing them, it is essential to maintain the distance, while attacking them using a ranged weapon.

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