Honkai Star Rail Less and Most Popular Five-Star Characters in Version 2.2

The report also reveals which five-star characters are the least owned, with just 21.8% ownership Version 1.5 character Argenti is near the bottom.

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By Naman Alok | May 21, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The most popular five-star characters in Honkai Star Rail are displayed in the game most recent chart. This futuristic role-playing game features an expanding cast of characters with over 25 five-star units available via the gacha system. The image shows the characters that gamers have acquired the most Dr. Ratio being at the top of the list and the characters who they haven’t owned as much like Argenti. 

Character popularity can be affected by their strength and place in the game’s meta however, as new characters are added and the game changes these ownership trends may change.

The report also reveals which five-star characters are the least owned, with just 21.8% ownership Version 1.5 character Argenti is near the bottom. Blade, Topaz and Black Swan are three more characters with low ownership percentages all of them have less than 40% ownership. Remarkably, among the players polled, Robin has already attained a 52.7% ownership rate despite being a recent arrival.

Least Popular Five-Star Characters

  • Argenti: 21.8%
  • Blade: 30.2%
  • Topaz: 32.1%
  • Black Swan: 37.8%
  • Aventurine: 40.5%

The five-star characters in Honkai Star Rail have certain ownership rates according to a chart published by well-known community member hxg_diluc. With an outstanding 99.4% ownership rate which reflects his status as a free unit, Dr. Ratio is in the lead. 

With 96.1% of players owning her Bronya is the most widely used character in the normal rotation, Ruan Mei holds the greatest ownership percentage of any limited five-star character, with 85.5%. The graphic provides a thorough analysis of character ownership and is based on a survey of about 27,000 players.

Top Five-Star Characters by Popular 

  • Dr. Ratio: 99.4%
  • Bronya: 96.1%
  • Ruan Mei: 85.5%
  • Clara: 79.3%
  • Sparkle: 78.6%

These characters are popular because many see them as having strength and usefulness in the metagame. As seen by their high ownership rates, Bronya, Ruan Mei and Sparkle, for instance are highly valued for their support skills. Another well-liked character, Acheron has attracted a lot of player attention because of her relationship to Raiden Mei the famous Honkai Impact 3rd character.

Overview of Five-Star Character Purchase in Honkai Star Rail

There are two types of Honkai Star Rail five-star characters: standard and limited. While the regular cycle contains seven five-star characters that can appear in both the permanent gacha banner and limited banners limited characters are only accessible through special banners. 

Every player was given a free copy of Dr. Ratio between Version 1.6 and Version 2.1, it should come as no surprise that Dr. Ratio is the most owned five-star character. The roles that characters play in the meta of Honkai Star Rail greatly impact how many of them are owned, characters who are seen as strong or flexible are frequently given more ownership. 

Support units that can improve team performance, such as Bronya, Ruan Mei and Sparkle, are preferred and account for more than 75% of ownership. When Acheron was just added to the game, a lot of gamers bought her which demonstrated her expected function.

The landscape of character ownership is probably going to shift when Honkai Star Rail develops further, which characters become more sought after will depend on next releases and balancing changes. As new characters are introduced and the meta changes players will continue to modify their purchases and strategies.

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