Honkai Star Rail 2.3 Reveals New Characters, Boss and Upcoming Apocalyptic Shadow Mode

There will be special challenges and constraints in the Apocalyptic Shadow game mode, there will be an extra degree of strategy

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By Naman Alok | May 28, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

A new ending mode named Apocalyptic Shadow which features an enhanced version of a famous monster, is one of the exciting new features in Version 2.3 of Honkai Star Rail thanks to the most recent update. In the Divergent Universe game mode players may finally take on the roles of the much-anticipated characters, Firefly and Jade, with new challenges. Honkai Star Rail hopes that these additions will give all players a lot of new content and exciting new experiences.

Honkai Star Rail 2.3 New Characters and Apocalyptic Shadow Mode Details

There will be special challenges and constraints in the Apocalyptic Shadow game mode, there will be an extra degree of strategy and complexity because players won’t be able to switch teams or use healing supplies. Like the Simulated Universe certain bonuses will be awarded in this mode to support particular team playstyles, the Apocalyptic Shadow mode is expected to be available in Version 2.3 and is expected to become online on June 18.

Honkai Star Rail version 2.3 will bring several much-awaited characters along with new game types, Firefly, a beloved character because of her important part in the game’s plot, will now be playable thanks to the update. With her strong ally bonuses and significant area-of-effect damage Jade, another recent addition is expected to be a tough choice for teams using the Quantum element. 

Version 2.3 aims to satisfy all Honkai Star Rail fans with these new characters as well as a host of upgraded gameplay features. Two major challenges will appear with Honkai Star Rail Version 2.3 in just a few weeks, according to rumours, the update would bring in the Divergent Universe, a new Simulated Universe mode that will be similar to earlier ones like Swarm Disaster and Gold and Gears. 

The Apocalyptic Shadow game mode which promises upgraded versions of past bosses with Stellar Jade prizes is also expected to launch. According to recent rumours one of the original bosses from the game will reportedly reappear for players to battle.

New Apocalyptic Shadow Boss Mode Other Insights

In Honkai Star Rail’s Apocalyptic Shadow game mode popular HoYoverse leaker HomDGCat pointed out to the comeback of a well-known enemy. The Doomsday Beast who was first spotted assaulting the Herta Space Station, is reportedly what players will face. 

A unique Mark feature will be introduced by this new boss version enabling characters to deal more damage to opponents that have imaginary or quantum weaknesses. On the other hand if you hit an opponent with the wrong vulnerability they will counterattack, dealing damage and trapping teammates.

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