Hogwarts Legacy Trailer: Launch date and other details

Hogwarts Legacy is a highly anticipated RPG based on the popular Harry Potter movie franchise.

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Hogwarts Legacy is a highly anticipated RPG based on the popular Harry Potter movie franchise. The game will enable players to explore the Wizarding World through close quarters. 

The game is set within the Wizarding World but will let players explore the Hogwarts of yesteryear. Players can also attend magic classes, learn new spells, and learn to control fantastic beasts. That’s not it! They can also venture into the world beyond the walls of the iconic school of witchcraft and wizardry.  

Players first got to know about the existence of the game in 2018, but Hogwarts Legacy was officially unveiled in September 2020 during Sony’s PS5 launch event. After a lot of days passed without any fresh details, an extended gameplay trailer of Hogwarts Legacy has just been released. 

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Hogwarts Legacy launch date 

Originally the projected release date of the game was set for 2021, but Hogwarts Legacy was delayed into 2022 in January last year. While there have been reports that the game was set to be delayed even further into 2023, nothing can be said for sure. 

During an exclusive PlayStation State of Play livestream for Hogwarts Legacy, it was announced that the game is scheduled for release sometime later this year.

This narrows down its launch timeline quite significantly and it is safe to assume that Hogwarts Legacy will likely release by the end of the year. This would be a well-timed release for the game as Harry Potter movies were also released during the holidays over the years. 

Hogwarts Legacy trailer 

The first Hogwarts Legacy trailer provides a great look at the upcoming game. It shows the famous castle and how players will be able to interact with the Wizarding World. The trailer also hints at who the game’s main villain might be! 

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