Hog Heaven challenge in Clash of Clans: Information, rewards, and more

By Naman Alok | Dec 29, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Clash of Clans brings new events every few days. This time Clash of Clans has an event called Hog Heaven. Players can earn Elixir, Gems, Gold, Magic items and much more by participating in these challenges. Players can participate in such challenges for free, and they can complete them using the minimum number of troops they specify in their battles. This time around the game is called the ‘Hog Heaven’ challenge in which players have to use a specific number of Hog riders to structure their army and win 10 multiplayer battles to earn rewards such as magic items, resources and experience. This article will cover the Hog Heaven in Clash of Clans and its rewards. Hog Heaven challenge in Clash of Clans: Information, rewards, and more

Hog Heaven challenge in Clash of Clans

Hog Heaven Challenge we get to see in the events section of the game. During this event players can train Hog riders to win multiplayer battles. Some in game details about Hog Heaven Challenge:

The Hog Heaven Challenge is similar to the Hasty Balloon, Wizards of awes and Shiny Tiny challenges. Players have to train at least 10 Hogs rider to win 10 multiplayer.  The number of Hogs rider trains in Army Camp will be based on the Town Hall. Players with Town Hall 12 must deploy atleast 10 Hog riders.

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In Hog Heaven challenge, players will train Hog riders and Healing spell training along with Baby Dragons, players get to use some powerful forces like Golem, Pekka and Bowler. So that players can easily win multiplayer battles and complete the challenge.

Completing the Hog Heaven Challenge in Clash of Clans will help players earn special items and experience points. Players, allowing them to complete the challenge faster and with less elixir cost.

Hog Heaven challenges reward

• By Completing the new Hog Heaven Challenge will grant Power potion.

• Players will gain 400 experience point after winning 10 multiplayer battle using Hog riders.

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