Hisaya Nakajo's Hana-Kimi Shōjo Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

Hisaya Nakajo's beloved gender-bending romantic comedy manga, Hana-Kimi, is getting an anime adaptation by Aniplex and Crunchyroll.

Hana-Kimi (Credits: Hisaya Nakajo/Hakusensha/Crunchyroll)
By Saheel Khirodkar | May 16, 2024 | 4 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Good news to fans of the iconic manga Hana-Kimi, as the studio previously unannounced successes of Aniplex and Crunchyroll, the official representative for the infamous anime franchise, which they bonded together in a union to develop as an anime. Furthermore, Crunchyroll reported that they will stream the new series on their platform in several regions including North America, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Otherwise, the disclosure also failed to have their season premiere date, the cast, and production team, as well as some occurrences in future episodes’ format. But, Crunchyroll did an unconditional promise aimed at creating excitement and joy among fans, respecting the universe Hisaya Nakajo made while using other means of his own art style.

Everything You Need to Know About Hana-Kimi Anime

Hana-Kimi, short for Hana Zakari no Kimi-tachi e, is a gender-bending rom com manga that deals with Mizuki, a Japanese-American track-and-field star moving to an all-boys high school in Japan where her high jump idol from the literature is studying. Wearing boys’ attire, Mizuki comes to Sano’s side who seem to be studying in that very school, and thus the nickname of “super jump” athlete grows into a 10-year-old girl secretly in love with him, with the resulting interesting and comic moments and Sano as the star are the features through them.

The manga is diversified, as will be evidenced by the different iterations that follow the primary narration, it appeared in Hakusensha’s Hana to Yume town magazine from 1996 to 2004 and since then it is loved by a nominative crowd of manga admirers. The film gained tremendous fame over the years and was further adapted in 2007 and 2011 through two live-action series in Japan, a South Korean drama, a drama and a film in Taiwanese in 2006. Moreover, in 2011 and 2014 Nakajo also came out with a short sequel and a special chapter, the latter was followed by the Himitsu – Hana Zakari no Kimi-tachi e After School in 2021.

Honoring Nakajo’s Legacy

Hana-Kimi anime adaptation being announced left a bittersweet note as Nakajo, the creator of the original manga series died of a heart disease on October 12, 2022. As revealed by the Hana to Yume magazine, servicing the editorial staff. Nakajo was not initially involved in the project. The scriptwriters provided several character descriptions and Kawahara gave his comment on how the world of manga shall be look like in the form of an anime.

Though Nakajo did not get to see the anime come to an end, the editors nonetheless conveyed their heartfelt thanks to those readers who held a torch for Hana-Kimi over the past two decades. They declared their intention to be a key collaborator of the production team for the new maintainence of the anime standing the ground along with the wishes of Nakajo and the hearts of the fans.

Viz Media’s English Release

Hana-Kimi, one of Nakajo’s popular works, along with Sugar Princess which is another of her cool work VizMedia released this popular manga in North America to fulfill the cravings of English speaking fans. Viz Media does not give up on a clear depiction of Hana-Kimi when they manage to make it through with the slogan that reads as follows: “It’s an  amusing yet thoughtful story about a Japanese track-and-field star who is half American named Mizuki. Mizuki who changes schools from a girl’s school to a boy’s school in Japan has to be like them not to be disclosed’ as well. Baking idol of hers, the high jumper Izumi Sano.” That certainly changes when they become roommates and Mizuki is required to come out of the closet when she happens to stay out of the school, dealing with the usual pressures of life and forming relationships

Final Thoughts

Nakajo’s life and work are magnificent vibration of softest strings inseparable from the spiritual essence that was given to her because of the close ties she established with her manga. We can only wish that the desire of the mangaka to see the fruit her completed project will be fulfilled in the future. The darkness of the mangaka’s sudden death was compensated with the streaming of the anime series of Hana-Kimi. With Crunchyroll to stream the anime worldwide, a whole new group of viewers will get engaged in witnessing Hana-Kimi, the fun-tastic world of Hana-Kimi with cross-dressing. Would not it be good to live as a girl before and come back to one as a boy?

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