Here is your guide to obtain VALFlashback – 2022 Valorant player recap

By Tanisha Wankhade | Dec 23, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


2022 has been a very huge year for Valorant as Riot Games’ 5v5 shooter has taken some steps ahead and certainly secured itself as a mainstay in the gaming domain. Here is your guide to obtain VALFlashback – 2022 Valorant player recap.

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The year saw the appearance of three latest agents, along with a latest map in the aspect of Pearl, and also, enough of eye-catching skin bundles. With 2023 on the frontier, Riot have already bought a few modifications scheduled for the fresh year, containing the come back of Split after the 6.0 goes live.

Before it happens, they’re giving gamers the opportunity to evaluate on the year with the VALFlashback – a personalized recap of everything you’ve accomplished on Future Earth. So, here’s everything that you should know.

Guide to obtain VALFlashback – 2022 Valorant player recap

Riot are proceeding in the path of the likes of Spotify Wrapped by giving gamers a personal recap for the previous 12 months.

They’ve already disclosed that Reyna was the most-played character all over the community for 2022, so we can anticipate to find things such as who you played the most, what your across-the-board KDA was, which map you accomplished best on, and those moments when you may have lowest fragged. There’s no embarrassment in that, doing worry.

To obtain the VALFlashback recap, you must have to make sure your Riot Games account enables you to obtain emails from Riot prior December 26. They’ll be mailing them out after that, but there’s no date announced just yet.

  • To Go to the account page of Riot Game.
  • Do log in with your Riot Games account if you’re not done with signing in the account.
  • Move down to Communication Preferences
  • You must have the box ticked to obtain emto ails from Riot
  • Wait for Riot to sends out the VALFlashback recaps!

As pointed out, there will inclined to be a full hosendsnds thrown at you, and they’ll be enough to brag about to your Valorant friends.

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