Here is a way to get free Overwatch 2 skins with bing

Overwatch 2
By Tanisha Wankhade | Dec 17, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


With Bing Rewards, you can obtain free points just by looking out on Bing and then claiming those points for exclusive cosmetics. You can even utilize the points to obatin free Overwatch 2 skins! Many of you might have aware with Overwatch 2 Twitch drops, but Bing Rewards is one more tremendous path to receive free rewards. Here is a way to get free Overwatch 2 skins with bing.

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Blizzard has disclosed a latest path to gather overwatch2 Skins by Bing search. Players can obtain free skins by receiving Bing Points. This is a simple aspect to obatin new skins by not paying a penny. You must check out on Bing and receive points by immersing in actions like taking surveys, playing games, or watching videos once you have collected sufficient points. Then, you can get these points for Overwatch 2 Coins. The points you must gather to get overwatch 2 coins are as given below.

  • 200 Coins- 1800 Points
  • 500 Coins-5000 Points
  • 1000 Coins-10,000 Points
  • 1500 Coins- 15,000 Points

How to Get Free Overwatch 2 Skins with Bing?

You can obtain free Overwatch 2 Skins by obtaining sufficient Bing Points and reclaiming them for Overwatch 2 Coins. Here is the procedure you have to follow.

  • Login to your Bin account and begin to gather Bin Coins. You need to encompass a minimum of 1800 points to claim 200 Coins, and the greatest you can organize is 15,000 points to obtain 1500 Coins.
  • Once you have sufficient Points, go to Microsoft Store and redeem section.
  • Look out for ‘ Overwatch 2‘ and choose Overwatch 2 Coins Digital Code. You will receive your Digital Code to your Microsoft Email.
  • Move ahead to and redeem the Code for Overwatch 2 Coins.
  • Now you can buy your favorite Skins with the Overwatch 2 coins you receive through Bing Points.

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