Hearthstone Unleashes the Power of Warcraft's Gods with the 'Titans' Expansion

From July 11 to August 1, Hearthstone fans can immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere of the Fire Festival.

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By Naman Alok | Jul 1, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Hearthstone, the popular digital collectible card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, is gearing up for its next exciting expansion titled “Titans.” Drawing inspiration from the vast lore of the Warcraft universe, this expansion introduces players to the mighty and awe-inspiring Titans, the most powerful beings in the Warcraft mythology. With a total of 145 new cards, including 11 Legendary “Titan” cards representing each of Hearthstone’s classes, this expansion promises to captivate players with its divine theme and innovative gameplay mechanics.

The Titans’ Arrival

Scheduled for release on August 1, the “Titans” expansion brings forth a new era of unparalleled power. As players await the launch, they have the opportunity to claim a free Prison of Yogg-Saron legendary neutral card by simply logging in starting June 27. This promotional card sets the stage for the epic battles to come.

Divine Might

To honor the Titans’ incredible might, each Titan card possesses a passive ability, complemented by three active abilities that can be utilized in any order. This unique feature allows players to strategize and unleash devastating combinations tailored to their playstyle. Once all three abilities have been utilized, the Titan can engage in combat, utilizing its regular attack and health stats.

Forge Keyword

Accompanying the Titans’ arrival, the “Titans” expansion introduces a new keyword: Forge. By spending two mana, players can add a Forge card to their deck, unlocking an additional ability. The upgraded card then returns directly to the player’s hand, empowering their future moves and lending depth to their strategic choices.

Magnetic Revival

Alongside the Forge keyword, the “Titans” expansion heralds the return of the Magnetic keyword, but with an exciting revision. Magnetic cards, known for their ability to merge with other Mechs and combine their stats, no longer require an empty space on the board to be played. This revision opens up new tactical possibilities, enabling players to unleash powerful synergies without constraints.

Hearthstone 27.0 Update

The arrival of the “Titans” expansion coincides with the Hearthstone 27.0 update, bringing a host of exciting changes and improvements. This update lays the foundation for a thrilling experience, promising enhanced gameplay and an optimized environment for players to enjoy.

Before the “Titans” expansion takes center stage, patch 26.6 introduces the new Twist mode, replacing the Classic format. In this beta test phase, known as New Age, players can utilize Core set cards and all expansions from Ashes of Outland onwards, excluding neutrals. Twist mode offers its own rank progression system, allowing players to earn Tavern Pass rewards, akin to the Standard and Wild formats.

From July 11 to August 1, Hearthstone fans can immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere of the Fire Festival. This event introduces a special rewards track with event quests available in both Hearthstone and Battlegrounds modes. By completing the track, players can earn exciting rewards, including six card packs, the coveted Felblaze Illidan Demon Hunter skin, and the esteemed Sparkhoarder Togwaggle Battlegrounds hero skin.

Power of the Titans

Players eager to starts on their journey with the Titans can now preorder the “Titans” expansion. The standard preorder includes 60 packs, two random Legendary cards, and an Inge cardback, while the Mega Bundle offers 80 packs, 5 Golden packs, one Signature Legendary, one Golden Legendary, the Death Knight Inge hero skin and card back, and a Diamond Zilliax card. Don’t miss the opportunity to wield the divine powers of the Titans in the ever-evolving world of Hearthstone.

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