Hearthstone Honor: Here’s how the system works

The Horde and the Alliance are going head-to-head, and now players are stuck in the middle.

credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The Horde and the Alliance are going head-to-head, and now players are stuck in the middle. Time to hoist the flags and take on the opponents through hard-hitting card game action. If players haven’t played Hearthstone in the past few weeks, they will have to make an important decision the time they play the game.

Upon login, the game will ask if players fight for the Horde or the Alliance. The game’s new Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion draws inspiration from iconic Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft history, Alterac Valley. Players will be able to find both Drek’Thar and Vanndar.

After choosing one of them, players will receive a free Golden Legendary from the corresponding faction. Players who fight for the Horde will receive Drek’Thar, while those who move forward with the Alliance will get Vanndar Stormpike.

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Once players have decided what they need to do, they will receive a rank inspired by World of Warcraft’s old-school PvP ranks. Going to a higher rank needs players to get a certain amount of honor. Their main motivation from promotions will be the free cards that can be earned during the process.

Players can honor by playing traditional Hearthstone, Duel, and Arena modes. Additionally, the honor players earn will go toward a special in-game event. When the event comes to an end, the honor earned by players of each faction will be tallied. Every player, regardless of faction, will get a Diamond copy of the winning faction’s leader card.

This means if the Horde wins, all players will receive a Diamond Drek’Thar. On the other hand, if the Alliance wins, all players receive Diamond Vanndar Stormpike. Players can head into Hearthstone to start farming Honor and grinding the ranks.

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