Have You Read Soil Manga? A Detailed Review!

In this article, check out the detailed review about the Soil Manga, it's positives, negatives and more information.

Soil Manga/ Credit: Kaneko Atsushi, Enterbrain
By Mahaksh Chauhan | Jun 11, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The Soil manga is a must-read! This isn’t your run-of-the-mill manga; there are some things that set it apart. For the sake of this manga, “different” is the most common descriptor of Soil. Even though it lacks Uzumaki’s originality, you should still read this manga.

The Plot

“Soil New Town” is experiencing some peculiar events. After a normal family goes missing out of the blue, detectives Yokoi and Onoda find themselves in a picture-perfect little town in the middle of nowhere. At first glance, the case appears to be ordinary, but it soon becomes a perplexing and dangerous mystery in which everything is not what it seems. Can the two frantic detectives find the answer before it’s too late?

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Soil Manga Review

A million people around the world have fallen head over heels with Japan’s peculiar take on horror. Whether it’s the internationally acclaimed film series Grudge or Junji Ito’s best-selling Uzumaki, Japan has left an indelible impression by capturing your heart and daring you to look away. For fans of horror, thrillers, and criminal fiction, Atsushi Kaneko’s Soil is a must-read that will introduce you to a bizarre universe that will make you doubt reality and shake you to your very core.

Plot Summary: The Suzushiro family’s disappearance prompts two Tokyo Metropolitan Department investigators, the obnoxious Yokoi and the dogged Onoda, to scour the supposedly idyllic suburb of Soil New Town for clues. Each home in the metropolis that sprung up on a barren plot of land is clinging desperately to its own secret. As more and more strange events unfold, the disappearance turns out to be just the beginning of a far larger mystery that challenges our fundamental notion of existence.

Insane Dialogues and Characters

This manga’s art style is the first thing that grabs your attention. The paneling of a scene that runs across the page adds a lovely creepiness to the manga that is there all through. Whether it’s the flowers on the streets or the teacups on the roof, they all contribute to an eerie atmosphere that builds suspense and establishes the tone for the reader. Taken together, the story’s illustrations by Atsushi Kaneko accomplish more than the words and dialogues alone could have achieved.

The high-octane suspense thriller benefits from the unique perspectives offered by the series’ new characters. They are all endearing and mysterious in equal measure because of the quirks that make them unique. Their skillful shaping of the narrative draws the reader in, keeps them entertained, and encourages them to keep reading.

Over the course of eleven volumes, the author spins a web of interrelated riddles that gradually builds to a shocking and unexpected climax. At every turn, the plot takes an unexpected turn, adding depth and momentum. As we follow several persons’ stories from their points of view, we get a glimpse into both the past and the present.

Cons of the Manga

There are stretches where hardly much happens because the story’s pace is always shifting. Even the art that I praised earlier can lead to muddled situations when the mangaka tries to say too much in too little space. Additionally, as previously said, the crescendo courses might involve a continuous sequence of events occurring rapidly, which can lead to confusion, doubt, and ambiguity. It would be unfair to the series if I listed the finale as a big negative, even though some may see it as an explanation for all the strangeness in the series.

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