Hanzo Overwatch: This bug forced developers to push update

Overwatch recently received its first proper balance patch after a long time.

credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch recently received its first proper balance patch after a long time, not taking into account the Experimental one that was made available at the tail end of last year for a tournament held for the community.

Some of the changes that the game developer tested previously are making a comeback to Overwatch, including Hanzo once again getting a version of his Scatter Arrows. When the character shoots his Storm Arrows, they’ll bounce off of surfaces one time.

However, Blizzard was quick to address this and rolled back the patch because shields weren’t blocking Hazno’s Strom Arrows. One video showed that the Japanese archer was capable of shooting through Reinhardt’s shield. And, that’s not good.

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“We are reverting today’s update so that we can fix an issue with Hanzo’s Storm Arrow not properly being blocked by shield abilities,” Overwatch community manager Andy Belford wrote on the Blizzard forums. “At this time, we do not have an ETA on when the patch will be live again. Apologies for anyone who may have been affected by this issue.” Thankfully, Team 4 fixed that bug quickly so players can all relive the Scatter Arrow carnage from 2016 again.

Well, Overwatch 2 is also expected to come out soon, and many players would like to know whether their gaming setup can run the game without any hiccups. But, the approach remains the same. First, players need to know what components they have, especially the CPU, GPU, and RAM. From there, simply compare them to the predicted minimum and recommended Overwatch 2 system requirements that we’ve listed in another article.

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