Guide to become an Esports athlete in a growing industry

Sportslumo has come up with key points and strategies to ensure that you have a great kick start to your career.

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There are many gamers in the country, and only a few make it to the top and become esports athletes. However, if you want to take up gaming as a career, this time would be the correct time to enter the niche.

The market is currently growing and it is expected to grow about 40% over the next four years to $3.5 billion. Not just that, the online viewership broke the half a billion mark for the first time this year. With statistics on its side, no one can doubt that Esports’ popularity is definitely increasing.

In the last few years, if one might say, Esports has been breaking all of its own records. Not just that, Esports athletes have been taking vital steps to turn around the image they have outside of the gaming world. And just like that, an impact has been made on many.

Sportslumo has come up with key points and strategies to ensure that you have a great kick start to your career, and are able to become the Esports athlete you have always wished of becoming.

The global esports market rose from $43 billion to $159 billion from 2019 to 2020 with the Asia-Pacific region having the biggest share. Even though the gaming industry often relies on consumer spending for revenue, one can not deny many found the time to play during the lockdown. Games have become more engaging and tournaments— more approachable.

There has been a huge shift from what was earlier a single investment business to a more lucrative one. Costs of in-game purchases are low, and people can easily afford them, generating more profit for the developer and distributor.


While many people do not think of Esports a a normal career, there are many who would say that it could be a career, but not in the long term. While, both the arguments are true to some degree, one cannot forget that any kind of athlete has a rather small shelf life as compared to someone who might be a lawyer or a doctor.

If you’re serious about being Esports athlete, then the only option you have is to go all in. Full commitment is the only thing that one needs to give.

In the beginning, players will have to chalk out how much money it is required for them to live their daily lives, and from there they can give try outs for various teams in the game of their choice. This will enable them to showcase a good work ethic, and once a team is formed, loyalty if the key.

Just like sports, esports also requires long hours of practice. It will be crucial for players to practice up to 6 hours a day in order to maintain their form, and to be able to be an asses to their team.

Choice of game

Not just your commitment towards a game, but your decision of choosing a particular game also matters. What it means is that, it just doesn’t matter if you’re the best at a game in your group, what matters more is that you are the at the game in the country. For instance, people who might opt CS: GO or League of Legends as their game of choice might have a tough time reaching the top of the ranks.

Older games have more people who are professionally engaged in them. Choosing a newer game would mean you would get to create your own space in the niche. But you also have to keep in mind that choosing a less popular game would mean you will have to work hard to make your own audience.

Find Your Strengths

To really make it big, you have to be a part of a team that does coincide with your professional goal, along with that, you also have to find your strength that would be of need to the team. It’s pointless having a team of leaders with no one to lead to work out which type of player you are and really focus on that.

Every teammate will have their weaknesses and strengths and that really does equate to success in this game. The team will only be as strong as their weakest link. Teams will know what kind of player they’re looking for and if you possess that strength the team requires, you will be called into the team.

Love It or…

Finally, if you don’t completely love this new career, then think about getting or sticking to that 9-5 and have gaming as your hobby. It is only because one can sustain in this rapidly growing industry by being 100 percent sure about making it to the top.

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