Guide on unlocking Altar Of Mirages Domain in Genshin Impact

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To discover and obtain the Altar of Mirages in Genshin Impact there are some steps you will need to take care of before that. Follow the procedure given below, and you’ll be on your path to unlocking the Altar of Mirages in no time. Guide on unlocking Altar Of Mirages Domain in Genshin Impact.

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Before you can find the Altar of Mirages on the map, you must finish a few quests in the Great Red Sand. This adds Golden Slumber, a series of quests that will let you to examine the desert area without rules. It will also obtain Khaj-Nisut, a big building found in the Land of Lower Setekh.

To obtain Golden Slumber, you will require to move to the Statue of the Seven situated within Aaru Village. Head all over the bridge to the entrance of the city, and you will see a man called Bonifaz here. Talk to him to obtain the first quest in Golden Slumber, ‘Lost in the Sands.’ After doing this, there will be three other quests you must finish for Golden Slumber, adding ‘An Introduction to Indoor Archaeology,’ ‘The Secret of Al-Ahmar,’ and ‘Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand.’

How To Obtain Altar Of Mirages Domain in Genshin Impact?

When you have finished all the mandatory quests for Golden Slumber, you will now be eligible to get and finish the Altar of Mirages. Begin by teleporting to the Hypostyle Desert Teleport Waypoint nearby to Khemenu Temple.

When you come, proceed forward into the following room. There will be another entrance to the right, which you will need to move into. Keep going straight via the room until you discern a glowing book outside a door. Interact with this to unlock the door and go to the next room.

Then, utilize the Four-Leaf Sigils to go down via the crash in the floor. When you drop via here, move up the stairs to the left, and you will discover the Altar of Mirages.

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