GTA Online: What are the highest paying Freemode Challenges?

There’s no better time than now for GTA Online players to complete freemode challenges.
From now until May 18, the Freemode Challenge will quadruple the rewards. There must be at least three players to activate them. It used to be five before the Los Santos Summer Special update. Also note that the Freemode Challenge is not the same as the Freemode Event.
GTA Online players will have to access the interaction menu to make sure the Freemode challenges aren’t hidden. There are a total of 17 events that change every 20 minutes. There is a lot of money to be made this week, so players must act quickly.

Which Freemode Challenges give the most money in GTA Online?

Players may just get lucky with the right Freemode Challenge. Some have far higher payouts than others. With the quadruple bonus this week, players need to know their worth in GTA Online.

Here are the highest paying ones:

There used to be 19 freemode challenges in GTA Online. However, two of them were cut in the After Hours Update. Either way, players still have 17 different challenges to choose from.

Here are the top seven highest paying ones in the game:
• Inverted Flying Challenge (Fly upside down at ground level for the farthest distance) – $15,750
• Longest Freefall Challenge (Fall the longest distance before using the parachute) – $14,250
• Low Flying Challenge (fly at ground level for the farthest distance) – $13,500
• Fly Under Bridges Challenge (fly underneath the most bridges) – $12,750
• Lowest Parachute Challenge (During a freefall, open the parachute right before hitting the ground) – $11,250
• Reverse Driving Challenge (Drive backwards for the longest time without crashing) – $11,000
• Headshot Kills Challenge (Take out the most players with headshots) – $10,650

Meanwhile, here are the payments with quadruple bonuses:
• Inverted Flying Challenge – $63,000
• Longest Freefall Challenge – $57,000
• Low Flying Challenge – $54,000
• Fly Under Bridges Challenge – $51,000
• Lowest Parachute Challenge – $45,000
• Reverse Driving Challenge – $44,000
• Headshot Kills Challenge – $42,600

Predictably, the toughest challenges will yield the most rewards. Many of the higher paying ones require excellent flying skills.

Of course, since these are public lobbies, players need to be aware of their surroundings. Blaine Country is a great place to fly, as it offers more open space than Los Santos. Any war-related challenges must be done afterward, however, because it has a high population.

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Earn 4x the rewards this week

GTA Online players shouldn’t miss out on this week’s bonus. Rockstar would totally make it worth it while. Freemode Challenges now offer quadruple cash and prestige points. It’s a great way to spend time in a public session.
More importantly, it also encourages competitive players. Money is always a good motivation in sports. GTA Online players now have to do their best to score high on the leaderboards.

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