GTA Online: Top properties to buy in GTA Online

Properties can act as a place for players to hang out without the worry of being caught by the police, and also resting.

GTA Online has a wide variety of properties players can buy

Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online) is one of the more interesting story board games out there. With a world to explore and live in, the game gives the players plenty of time to explore and live in Los Santos. One of the crucial customisation elements in the game is properties, and as this list would tell you, it doesn’t come in cheap.

Properties serve multiple purposes. Predominantly, they can act as a place for players to hang out without the worry of being caught by the police, and also resting. Some properties are also businesses, so extra cash can be earned. Luckily, there is plenty of properties players can get their hands on, in the game.

Del Perro Heights High-End Apartment 7

Players who are looking for a nice place to stay but do not want to shed out a lot of cash can look into buying the High-End Apartment 7 at Del Perro Heights. It is a good start. This large apartment has a big living room, open kitchen, sizeable bedroom, and medium bathroom.

The apartment is known for providing the players with a large panoramic window that provides a nice view of Los Santos. Players can store up to 10 vehicles and 3 bicycles in the garage, the house is that big. Many of the high-end apartments land in the $200,000-400,000 range, but this property is exactly $200,000.

Paleto Bay Facility

Those looking for a great hiding place, but do not want to be cramped up, can most definitely opt to stay at this property. Operated by the IAA, these facilities are required to be purchased in order to participate in the Doomsday Heist. The facility can be accessed by coming down from the large oval elevator.

In the facility, there is a massive garage for military-grade vehicles. These facilities have many rooms, including a war room and a lounge. The players can add more rooms and fill the place upgrades, if players still have cash after the $1,250,000.

La Mesa Clubhouse

As part of the Bikers update, Grand Theft Auto Online players have the option of becoming a part of various motorcycle clubs and purchase clubhouses for their gangs. There are various activities that players can partake in, such as Darts and Arm Wrestling.

However, the clubhouse’s main purpose is to add and recruit more members in the club and start taking jobs as well. While there are plenty of clubhouses to purchase, the clubhouse in La Mesa works as it is the most spacious and is located in a decent place in Downtown Los Santos.

Grapeseed Document Forgery Office

Also added in the Bikers update was a Dark Net marketplace called The Open Road. Using this, motorcycle club presidents can buy various businesses to start their very own illegal operations. The Grapeseed Document Forgery Office is the cheapest of the bunch and could give the owners the maximum profit.

Each business requires a set-up mission to be completed, only then can players start owning and managing their new businesses. Managing the business includes collecting supplies and protecting the business from raids.

Elysian Island Nightclub

The Elysian Island Nightclub is another property that can be brought at a very cheap price and can be turned into a very investment. As part of the After Hours update, players can purchase one of ten nightclubs from Tony Prince.

From there, players will be able to renovate the buildings and create the ultimate night scene with the player’s choice in colour scheme, lighting, and dancers. Once the place is set up, more missions like managing the place, as well as maintaining the club’s popularity are a part of the fun. The Elysian Island Nightclub is on the docks in southern Los Santos.

Wonderama Arcade

The newer types of properties added to GTA Online were arcades. After meeting with Lester Crest at Mirror Park, players can buy one of the available arcades and the move on to take part in the The Diamond Casino Heist. The floor plan includes a large room with arcade machines as well as a bar and the manager’s office.

Just like with any property, there are many colourful customisations and worthwhile upgrades available in the arcade as well. If players want an arcade that is on the cheaper side but still looks good on the outside, the Wonderama Arcade in Grapeseed is the perfect property.

Galaxy Super Yacht Pisces Model

If someone has a lot of money to spend and wants to have property on the water, the Galaxy Super Yacht is the way to go. Each ship model is filled with various features that differ from model to model, but they all have a large bridge and three individual decks.

The Pisces Model has everything a yacht is supposed to have without having to spend the extra million for the Aquarius Model. The ship is 210 feet long and has three guest rooms, an expansive sun deck, two helipads, a hot tub, and a variety of different air and water vehicles that can be taken out on a spin.

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