GTA Online: How to start The Last Dose missions

GTA Online’s Los Santos Drug Wars update has received a lot of new content with The Last Dose missions finally arriving in the game.

credit: Rockstar
By Rohit Kohli | Mar 20, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

GTA Online’s Los Santos Drug Wars update has received a lot of new content with The Last Dose missions finally arriving in the game. In this article, we will be discussing how to start these missions in th game.

GTA Online’s Lost Santos Drug Wars content has witnessed a lot of fun content. After a long wait, players now have The Last Dose chapter added to the stiry, and players are eager to know how to start these missions and what rewards they can win.

The Last Dose mission in GTA Online

Players who are eager to jump right into the new content for GTA Online’s Drug Wars, will be required to complete certain missions beforehand, as well as have the game be up-to-date.

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Once players make sure they have the latest GTA Online patch installed, they just need to follow these simple steps to start playing The Last Does missions:

  • Players should complete all of the First Dose missions in GTA Online.
  • Once done, they need to find a car and free roam around Los Santos.
  • After soem time, they should get a call from Dax.
  • Accept the call, go and meet up with him, and this will kick off The Last Dose missions.

The Last Dose missions rewards

There are a total of five The Last Dose missions, compared to the six of The First Dose, and completing them will reward players with cool bonuses. Like other missions in GTA Online, players can earn many rewards for completing The Last Dose missions, including clothes and cars — even the Ocelot Virtue supercar. Here are the rewards:

  • Floral Guffy Pool Sliders: Complete the opening The Last Dose mission.
  • Lime Leopard Slab cap & Canvas Shoes: Complete all The Last Dose missions.
  • Ocelot Virtue: Complete all The Last Dose missions.
  • Black Enema Flourish Ski mask: Restock Acid Lab supplies.
  • Teal Enema Flourish Ski mask: Steal from a Stash House.

How to register as CEO in GTA Online?

For players to register as a CEO in GTA Online, they will have to fulfill some basic prerequisites. Firstly, players are required to have an executive office of their own. Buying one of these could be pretty hefty, and the cheapest one will set players back by at least $1 million. The costly ones can go up to $4 million, and players have the option to choose from four distinct executive offices.

  • $1 million – Maze Bank West
  • $2.25 million – Arcadius Business Center
  • $3.1 million – Lombank West
  • $4 million – Maze Bank Tower

After players are done buying the office space, the next thing they need to do is to register as a CEO. The process is fairly simple, all players are required to do is open the interaction menu in GTA Online. Then, they need to navigate to the “SecuroServ” option from the same menu. This will offer players with additional choices, so they have to navigate to the “Register as a CEO” option and click it.

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