GTA 6: Leak reveals massive Vice City map size

A new leak has suggested that GTA 6’s map of Vice City could be the biggest open world of all time.

credit: Reddit/tussataster
By Rohit Kohli | Mar 20, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Several GTA 6 leaks have almost confirmed that the franchise is returning to Vice City. Now, a new leak has suggested that GTA 6’s map of Vice City could be the biggest open world of all time.

Last year, a massive GTA 6 leak shook the whole gaming industry. The leak confirmed several things about the much-anticipated game, including its location along with its female protagonist.

In addition to confirming next-gen graphics, the leaks also gave fans a glimpse of how big the open-world title will be based on Rage Engine Units in the leaked footage. The GTA VI Vice City Mapping Project has shared a detailed look at how massive the world will be, and it makes GTA 5’s Los Santos look smaller.

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GTA 6’s Vice City map to be massive

In a Reddit post, user ‘tussataster’ uploaded an image of GTA 6’s alleged map side-by-side with Los Santos to showcase their true size difference. It’s evident that there’s a lot more land in GTA 6, and it looks it will take players a lot of time to check out every nook and corner of the map.

However, the map shows even more than what the files indicated, and it could stretch even further north than what fans might know of currently.

“There are countless Cities/Towns such as York Town, Red Hill, etc found in the files. Most of these locations point towards the north of Port Gelhorn, making the map expand even further north,” the user pointed out.

Previous reports have hinted that the upcoming game will release portions of the game as DLC in order to meet the launch timeline. This could mean that parts of the GTA 6 map will be released after the game has been launched.

Rumors also suggest that Rockstar will also officially unveil the game later this year, so players don’t have to wait too long to find out how the leaked map coordinates align with the finished product.

GTA 6 announcement coming on 10th anniversary?

GTA fans have long been waiting for Rockstar Games to give them a glimpse of the upcoming game in the franchise, GTA 6. However, a reliable Rockstar insider and leaker has claimed that the announcement trailer is just around the corner. The leaker has hinted that the trailer can come sooner than expected.

Rockstar Games has been mum about GTA 6 since first revealing the game was in development and then promising it would take entertainment benchmarks to new heights when it finally hits the gaming scene.

Despite the massive leak that rocked the gaming industry to its core, Rockstar’s parent firm Take-Two Interactive promised that it wouldn’t affect the game’s development. The leak showed fans what they could expect from the game. The new entry in the franchise is said to be set in Vice City. According to Tez2, the announcement could happen on GTA Online’s 10th anniversary.

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