Grand Theft Auto: The origin and evolution of the action-packed thriller

Let us take a dive into the history of this open-world gaming classic.

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Grand Theft Auto’s massive popularity precedes itself. Any half-decent gamer would have played this open-world classic at one point in his life. With a plethora of missions and numerous side activities, the cities keep getting bigger in the GTA world. The role playing video game allows its player with a ridiculously large amount of freedom to live the life in their own way in the gaming world. Over the years, a variety of new installments have been released. With a cult following, the prominent game reached heights beyond imagination to be regarded as one of the biggest innovations in the gaming world.

Players need to complete missions to progress forward, while other activities like eating, swimming, dancing, driving, flying airplanes, etc. only makes the game ever more interesting. As the name indicates, the lead characters are no saints and will commit multiple crimes like robbery, heist, kidnapping and murdering during the course of the gameplay. The players will have their fair share of run-ins with mafia bosses, while they try to rise through the ranks of organised crime. Set in fictional location, which is modelled after real-life cities, Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City are the most popular among fans.

Origin story

The action-adventure game was created by David Jones and Mike Dailly. A Scottish video game programmer, David is also an entrepreneur who co-founded video game developers DMA Design, which is now called as Rockstar North, in 1987. He has also created other video game developers – Realtime Worlds and Cloudgine.

Michael Dailly is also a Scottish video game designer. He designed the original prototype of GTA. Along with David, Russell Kay, and Steve Hammond, Dailly is one of the founders of DMA Design. Primarily developed by British development house Rockstar North, it is published by its parent company – Rockstar Games.


Since the first installment’s release in 1997, the series has produced seven standalone titles along with four expansion packs. It was initially being referred to as the “2D universe”. The game underwent a massive revolution with the third part, which is considered a landmark game.

Released in 2001, Grand Theft Auto III brought a whole new holistic approach to the series. Then came the “HD universe”, with GTA IV, its expansions and GTA V, all falling into this category. With new advancements in each installment, the game has received significant acclaim over the years.

The game, which was released in Play Station, Xbox, Windows, IOS, Android, etc., kept evolving with each year. The cities kept becoming bigger, while the character had a lot of side activities to do beyond the actual missions. This approach opened the doors to a whole new universe of fans.

Several open-world games have been released over the years, but it can never truly replace the success attained by the GTA franchise. Among the many positives of GTA, the attention to detail is the most important aspect of the game. The series has taken gaming to a whole other level with its realistic features. Labeling it a revolution in the open-world gaming sector is an understatement. The impact of GTA in the gaming world will never be forgotten.

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