GodLike Esports Announced: New Girls BGMI Lineup and Bootcamp for only girls

Indian esports organization, GodLike Esports, has recently a few months ago announced their new girl Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) rosters, featuring an all-female lineup. With this diversification, GodLike now officially operates two BGMI lineups along with a Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) team. Both their main BGMI and CODM teams are among the best in India, It will be interesting to see if the GodLike new girl lineup will also be able to compete consistently at a higher level and keep pace with the other rosters under the banner.

New Girls lineup: GodLike Esports announces their official second BGMI rosters

GodLike Esports entered BGMI earlier last year in August by acquiring the former PUBG Mobile lineup from TSM India. On the back of this success, the organization began to expand by selecting content creators under the GodLike banner. GodLike has signed more than five content creators over the past ten months, but their latest acquisition was announced 5 months ago on 5 December 2021, where it was revealed that they have just signed all-female BGMI rosters.

Here are the six members of the GodLike Girls rosters:

• GodLAlphaDidi “Parul Sharma”
• GodLScar “Aastha”
• GodLRebel “Khushveen Kaur”
• GodLClutchy “Nancy Singh”
• GodLEvill “Manant Kudyar”
• GodLAntraà “Antra Tyagi”

Boot Camp

Godlike esports organization has already provided boot-camp for his boy’s competitive rosters and content creators, and now they announce a boot camp for only their girl’s competitive rosters and content creators, according to some sources this announcement comes on his official Instagram handle on the first week of June. Not much information is available about the roster announced above, but with Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) 2022 presently the timing could not have been better as the game continues to attract a lot of new teams, players and viewers.

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All eyes and hopes will be on this Girl’s BGMI team, with many predicting their performance in the upcoming tournaments and what lies ahead for them. GodLike Esports is one of the best mobile esports organizations in India and this signing is a historic moment for inclusivity and diversification in Indian esports.

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