God of War Ragnarok First Look of UI, Release date Yet To Be Announced By PlayStation 5


PlayStation Studios Santa Monica has shared new details about the much-anticipated God of War Ragnarok’s accessibility features. The studio has also shared a first look at the user interface and hinted that the release date could be closer. God of War Ragnarok, the sequel to 2018’s Game of the Year title, God of War, is the second and reportedly pivotal chapter in Kratos’ Norse saga along with the Nordic Pantheon. The game’s release was announced in 2020 during the PlayStation 5 Showcase, with gameplay debuting at State of Play last year. God of War Ragnarok First Look of UI, Release date Yet To Be Announced By PlayStation God of War was a great game for 2018, but there were several requests for accessibility features. However, with Ragnarok, developers have implemented high contrast mode improvements from day one, from subtitles to larger text and button prompts. Let’s take a look at the accessibility features.

God of War Ragnarok First Look of UI, With Release date Yet To Be Announced By PlayStation

God of War Ragnarok has made an array of changes, ranging from subtitles and text to implementing a high-contrast mode so that the players understand the game better. Extensive accessibility features help ensure that your game reaches a wider audience. One of the main complaints about God of War (2018) is that the subtitles sometimes blend into the environment. For Ragnarok, Sony Santa Monica is going to come out with better features such as accessibility, and also colours that help distinguish different speakers along with their names, appropriate background and background opacity, to name a few.

Here are the list of accessibility features discussed in the blog post:

  • Subtitle and Caption Improvements
  • Subtitle and Caption Size
  • Subtitle and Caption Colors
  • High Contrast Color Customization
  • High Contrast Background Customization
  • Navigation Assist
  • Traversal Assistance
  • Assistance +
  • Audio Cues
  • Controller Remapping
  • Speaker Names
  • Captions
  • Subtitle and Caption Background Blur
  • Subtitle Background
  • Text Size / Icon Size
  • High Contrast Mode
  • High Contrast Activation Customization

Along with the accessibility features, Santa Monica also shared a first look at the UI. The deep customization options presented in the game will surely help the players to tune the title as per their requirements.

God of War Ragnarok Release Date Inches Closer

While these features comes in as a sigh of relief, fans are more interested in knowing when the release date is going to come out. While the game was originally announced for 2021, it was later delayed to 2022. With the year almost halfway through, PlayStation has not given us a ballpark figure as to when the game will get released.

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From God of War Ragnarok to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, PlayStation has a slew of upcoming titles. Publishers are rumoured to be working on additional titles, such as a remake of The Last of Us, the rumoured Silent Hill Project, and an older PC port. Overall, PlayStation will host an event showcase at some point, which could be a good chance to announce the release date of God of War Ragnarok.

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