GiLL BGMI ID, stats, monthly earnings, and NEw team more in February 2022

Arshpreet “GiLL” Singh is a BGMI esports superstar. His departure from Team XSpark has caused a lot of noise in the Indian gaming world, and he is currently the talk of the town.

GiLL ascended through the ranks with Orange Rock Esports and made the entire nation proud as one of the best all-rounders the game has ever produced. He and his colleagues came in second place in the PMWL East: Season 0 competition. GiLL is currently a free agent that streams live on YouTube, where he entertains his viewers with his games.

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GiLL BGMI ID and in-game name (IGN)

BGMI assigns each player an ID that may be used to transmit popularity and friend requests in the game. The ID distinguishes the gamer from the other players. 5307001970 is GiLL’s ID.

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GiLL is one of the game’s most sought-after players. Fans can look up his profile by typing in his in-game name. In February 2022, his IGN is BhrosaRakh.

GiLL BGMI Seasonal stats

GiLL frequently appears in Tier 1 custom matchups in various events and scrims. As a result, he has seen a significant reduction in his playing time in classic matchups. With 3884 seasonal points, he has still managed to reach the Crown IV rank in C2S4.

GiLL has won nine of the 36 classic matches it has participated in. In 25 games, he has aided his team in reaching the top ten. He has a great F/D Ratio of 7.64 this season, with 275 total finishes and 42430.8 total damage.

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The average damage of 1178.6 reflects GiLL’s extraordinary gun power and skill set. His finest match of the season, though, was when he killed 17 adversaries and dealt 2820 damage (which is the best damage he has dealt in a game in C2S4).

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GiLL BGMI Monthly Earning

GiLL was a salaried player for Team XSpark, however he recently quit because the wage was not up to his standards. It seems clear that GiLL will be hired by one of the largest corporations for a large wage.

In addition, GiLL has his own YouTube channel, from which he makes a respectable living. According to Social Blade, GiLL’s channel has generated between $277 and $4.4K in the last 30 days.

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