Genshin Impact wish simulator: How to use a simulator?

Genshin Impact wish simulators are a good way for gamers to try their luck and on any banner they want.

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Genshin Impact wish simulators are a good way for gamers to try their luck and on any banner they want. While these simulators do not affect the game in any way, they are still a good way of passing some time.

Players can make use of these simulators to make as many wishes as they want. They can fill a virtual account with a lot of five-star characters, or even try out the pity system for themselves. Many players wish simulators exist, and fans can follow a simple guide to use one.

How to use a wish simulator

Genshin Impact offers several wish simulators that players can pick from, with each offering its own benefits. Many simulators aren’t currently up to date with the banners, but they still function well.

Fans can choose to support Miwoju’s simulator that offers access to the most recent banners, but for most players looking for a free wish simulator, they can make use of the Uzair Asraf’s Wish Sim. This simulator can be used easily, and can be found quickly. We have listed down how players can make use of it.

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Loading the simulator

First and foremost, players will be required to load up the simulator. The simulator is pretty lightweight and launches quickly. Fans won’t need to change any settings to get it working and can jump straight into the action. Now, players have to select the desired banner at the top.

Start wishing

Once players choose banners, simply click the wish buttons to begin the simulator. An animation will trigger and players can receive their characters, just like the actual game. While they won’t be able to play the characters, they can create a collection and showcase them.

Checking wish history

Once players are done wishing, they should go to the inventory to check out all their acquired characters. They can also see the estimated amount spent, so they can calculate the money they’ve saved by using the simulator. Besides, it’s a great way to see how lucky they are.

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