Genshin Impact story quests: Time and Wind quest walkthrough

Time and Wind is one of the most confusing and tiring quests that Genshin Impact players can find in Mondstadt.

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Time and Wind is one of the most confusing and tiring quests that Genshin Impact players can find in Mondstadt. It involves finding nameless island to defeating the Eye of the Storm twice, it takes a lot of effort to complete it.

Players can start the quest by going to the nameless island that is visible from Starsnatch Clifff. From that location, players can either glide with Venti or use Cryo characters such as Kaeya to freeze the water and use it as a pathway. However, doing so could be tedious. Here is another way to complete the quest.

How to complete Time and Wind quest

On the southern beach of the island, players will find a rock and a shovel on the ground. On further investigation, they’ll find how to activate the sun dial in the middle. Next, players will have to set the time to 2 AM and use their Elemental Sight to find clusters of wind. The first cluster is right behind the sun dial and dispersing it reveals the other three.

The Elemental Sight helps players find these clusters as players will be able to see lines that head towards them. It is important to note that an Anemo attack is the only way to disperse a cluster. The three clusters can be found on the top of a pillar, a rock on the northwest beach, and ahead of a rock on the southern beach.

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Now, players will have to defeat the Eye of the Storm boss. The best way is to make use of Hydro and Cryo characters together when it touches the ground. With this elemental combination, the Eye of the Storm freezes, and players can easily deal damage.

How to find the Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm later makes an escape to the nameless island owning to which traveler and Paimon chase it through a wind path. The pair eventually reaches the Thousand Winds temple in Mondstadt, where players need to find the Eye of the Storm once again.

The last step is to set the time to 2 AM and make use of elemental sight to find the boss. This time, it will be stronger and some slimes will also spawn in a close area. After finishing the boss fight, players just need to talk to Henry Morton and collect the rewards that include Primogems and much more.

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