Genshin Impact new characters: Kuki Shinobu height leaked

There are several leaks regarding the future content that Genshin Impact will offer to its players.

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There are several leaks regarding the future content that Genshin Impact will offer to its players. With the current version 2.4, players are trying to figure out what’s next in the Traveler’s path. Now, data miners have also stepped in to reveal a few things we can expect in 2022. One of the highlights is another character called Kuki Shinobu.

The character hails from Inazuma and has been long rumored for the game. She has been mentioned very briefly in-game via character stories and is believed to be Itto’s sidekick. However, recently the community of the game got to see some more of her physical appearance, revealing her estimated height compared to other characters.

Same height as Kamisato Ayaka?

While the 2.4 updates focused more on Liyue characters, it is clear that MiYoHo is not done with Inazuma yet. It seems the game will give the players a lot of closure on unfinished stories from the initial Archon quest.

From leaks of Yae Miko and character reruns, players are eagerly waiting for the next update. Some additional information on one of the upcoming characters called Kuki Shinobu has also come to light. She will be the deputy of Arataki Gang while appearing more calm and rational compared to her leader.

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Some leaks even suggest that Kiku keeps Itto’s antics in check, alongside compensating for any kind of damages. She also bails out Itto every time he gets caught. With Sayu’s voice line describing Kiku as a “little sidekick,” some claimed to have a child model like Diona, Sayu, Qiqi, and Klee.

There are also additional dialogs related to Kiku from NCPs in Inazuma stating: “Anyway, the duel didn’t happen in the end. Arataki was dragged away by some masked lady…. I just hope that Madam Sara won’t be affected by this…”

The new character is rumored to be a 4-star character, while details on her element and weapon are yet to be disclosed.

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