Genshin Impact map: Minecraft player recreating Genshin Impact map

One Minecraft player is trying to rebuild the whole map from Genshin Impact.

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One Minecraft player is trying to rebuild the whole map from Genshin Impact. The player, 晨曦Archi, posted a video that showed the recreation on the Chinese video platform called Bilibili, and was later posted on Reddit.

The video shows off the several locations in Genshin Impact such as Mondstadt, Liyue Harbour, the Dawn Winery, and much more. It also looks like the players have some kind of lighting and texture mod enabled that adds to the overall atmosphere.

Recreated Mondstadt looks very detailed also looks like a Lego diorama of the city. 晨曦Archi has also made the interior of the Mondstadt Cathedral and Old Mondstadt. Besides, Liyue Harbour looks remade, and the video shows a nighttime look where numerous lanterns lighting the sky can be seen.

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It seems that each location was made in a separate Mincraft world, and there isn’t any link to download any of the maps as of now. Another group of Minecraft enthusiasts recently created Mondstadt. They went into more detail than晨曦Archi, though the latter did create more than one location.

The German Minecraft group spent a total of 400 hours creating the entirety of Mondstadt over five months. As per a recent datamine, Genshin Impact’s next update, 2.5, will enable players to hunt through artifacts. The update is expected to be rolled out sometime in February and will likely be a welcome change from fans who spend a considerable amount of time artifact farming.

Speaking of Mondstadt, Time and Wind is one of the most confusing and tiring quests that Genshin Impact players can find there. It involves finding a nameless island to defeat the Eye of the Storm twice, it takes a lot of effort to complete it. Here’s how to do it easily.

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