Genshin Impact Lottery Event: How to Win Free Primogems

Participants of the Genshin Impact Lottery event can submit their entries until the first week of January 2023.

Genshin Impact Lottery Event
By Shubham Dalal | Jan 2, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The Genshin Impact Lottery event gives players a chance to win 200 PrimeGames just by participating. To celebrate the end of the year, Hoyoverse (also known as Mihoyo) has announced a lottery where players can participate by posting their entries on various social media platforms. Participants of the Genshin Impact Lottery event can submit their entries until the first week of January 2023.Up to 700 lucky winners will be selected to win a generous amount of PrimoGames, the premium currency for games. According to Hoyverse, each participant may submit multiple entries but can only win once. However, players must follow strict rules to ensure the validity of their entry into the Genshin Impact Lottery event.

How to join the Genshin Impact Lottery Event :

To participate in the program, participants need to visit the official program page of Hoyverse. Players will receive a GIF that shows chibi versions of the playable Genshin Impact characters.Players need to take a screenshot of the GIF and post it on their social media handles as their entry for the Genshin Impact Lottery event.Participants can post on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles with the hashtag “#GenshinImpactLotteryEvent” along with a brief description of their wish.

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For TikTok users, players can visit the official Twitter post and take a screenshot of the short video clip with their wish and Genshin Impact UID (user identity).

Genshin Impact Lottery Event runs from 30th December 2022 to 3rd January 2023. The results will be out on 17 January 2023.Players need to pay attention to the rules posted on the Hoyverse’s official event page before submitting their entry to avoid disqualification.

Where to find Genshin Impact UID?

Players can obtain their User ID by visiting their profile preview below. The process is the same for both mobile and desktop users.All the winners of the event will be given attractive prizes. Each of the 700 winners randomly selected from all participants will receive an exciting prize of 200x PrimoGames.

  • Material related to the incident should not be published.
  • Although entrants are permitted to make multiple entries, only one prize may be won by a player at a time.
  • The event is conducted cross-platform and the winners will be selected among all the participants.
  • Bad practices like plagiarism, misappropriation etc. which violate the copyright policies of others should be avoided.
  • By participating in this program, you authorize Hoyverse to publish and display your work in public forums.
  • If the player does not receive the prize due to providing wrong UID, the official team will not be held responsible and no further prize will be issued.

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