Genshin Impact Leak: Big Changes Along with Natlan's Arrival and Enhancements

HoYoverse recently made headlines with an announcement about the version 5.0 update matching with Natlan's upcoming arrival.

Credits- miHoYo
By Naman Alok | May 13, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

A new region in the game called Natlan which is set to launch later this year is mentioned in a leak suggesting that the Genshin Impact game might see major changes shortly. As a result of the leak which has revealed some information and hinted at some differences many are becoming excited about it and believe it will be huge. 

Version 5.0 will include Natlan since the developers want to weave storylines in the game more than just having players explore. People are waiting for all of this to happen and the game will also look better when they are designing it.

Genshin Impact Leak: Big Changes Along with Natlan’s Arrival

HoYoverse recently made headlines with an announcement about the version 5.0 update matching with Natlan’s upcoming arrival. The company promises major graphics improvements in the hopes of improving Genshin Impact’s visual experience even if doing so would result in higher system requirements. 

The rumoured information about Natlan indicates that these improvements are intended to maximise performance in the new region which heightens the excitement for its release. Fans of Genshin Impact are happy with hope for the next act in this epic drama as the countdown to Natlan’s premiere approaches.

Building on previous findings, the leak explores more of Natlan’s expected features. Uncle Teyvat’s speculations from earlier in the year suggested that mounts would arrive together with the launch of the Pyro region. 

Also, rumours concerning Natlan’s location in Teyvat which is supposedly southwest of the Sumeru desert have raised hopes. It is widely believed that Natlan will be included in the upcoming August release of Genshin Impact’s Version 5.0 update.

Recently, HoYoverse’s changing world concept of design is revealed by a leak which comes from the reliable Genshin Impact leaker Uncle Teyvat, the leak mainly concerns Natlan. The leak indicates that the landscape of Natlan will be deeply connected with story parts moving the focus from simple exploration to immersive storytelling. 

Genshin Impact will shift towards creating Natlan’s surroundings in order to enhance the main storyline all the while maintaining its open-world feel. An insight into Natlan’s design theory the leak also makes similarities to the launch of the Remuria sub-region in Version 4.6.

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