Genshin Impact Lantern Rite: How to beat Oceanic Defender?

Part 3 of Genshin Impact’s Fleeting Colors Flight event has gone live.

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Part 3 of Genshin Impact’s Fleeting Colors Flight event has gone live, and players can now challenge themselves to go against a temporary boss inside a particular domain. Travelers can also take part in the Oceanic Defender challenge, where they will be taken to a special area and take down event boss Beisht.

On completing the challenge, players will get Conquest Talismans from the event page, and they can exchange it for one Liyue 4-star character and Ningguang’s new outfit in Genshin Impact.

How to complete Oceanic Defender challenge

Travelers can start the challenge after they are teleported to the domain south of Guyun Stone Forest, Liyue. Resins will not be consumed when players manage to beat the enemy and exit the domain as they can obtain rewards directly from the event page.

As the challenge starts, Beihst will first appear with only one of her three heads. Each of them comes with its own health bar. Players will have to take down all three heads to finish the challenge. Players should also know that defeated heads can still attack the active character, but won’t receive damage.

The event page says that players have to finish the challenge 6 times to get the Primogems and Conquest Talismans rewards. However, there are also two additional tasks that reward players with Mora and Hero’s Wit.

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How to defeat Beisht

In the first task, players will have to take down Beisht before she takes a dive four times underwater. It is a skill where Beisht takes some time out for attacking the active character and goes into the water for some time.

Players should note that this mission only counts the dive made by the head that is still alive. Therefore, if any of the heads that were defeated take a dive, it won’t ruin the player’s task. However, since the boss has three heads, it is better to take down each head in a jiffy.

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