Genshin Impact: Best Polearms for Hu Tao

Hu Tao's DPS will be bolstered in some way by the perfect Polearm. It may, for example, make her CRIT DMG even crazier.

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In the second half of Genshin Impact 2.2, Hu Tao will have a rerun banner, offering players another chance to obtain the 5-star Pyro Polearm user. To maximise Hu Tao’s DPS potential, Genshin Impact players should employ the greatest Polearm they have. Her greatest Polearms, on the other hand, aren’t necessarily a 5-star option. Hu Tao owners can choose from 4-star and even 3-star accommodations.

Hu Tao’s DPS will be bolstered in some way by the perfect Polearm. It may, for example, make her CRIT DMG even crazier. In Genshin Impact, users can choose between F2P and P2W options for Hu Tao.

Polearms for Hu Tao owners in Genshin Impact

White Tassel

F2P players will not have the most powerful Polearms. They occasionally have bad luck and are unable to pull a Polearm such as Dragon’s Bane or any other 5-star choice. If that’s the case, the 3-star White Tassel is a game-changing option for players to consider.

It can increase CRIT Rate by 23.4 percent, and Hu Tao’s Normal Attacks do 2448% more damage in Genshin Impact as a result of its effect. Most Travelers will be able to easily obtain enough copies to complete the Refinemental Level.

Dragon’s Bane

Dragon’s Bane can be maxed out in numerous ways for F2P players. It’s been highlighted in various weapon banners, making it a more enticing alternative for Hu Tao owners.

If you plan to deploy a Hydro support unit like Xingqiu, this weapon may be preferable to Deathmatch. If that’s the case, Dragon’s Bane is easily superior to Deathmatch.

It boosts the user’s DMG against foes affected by Hydro or Pyro, and it’s simple to utilise for Hu Tao. Given Hu Tao’s offensive powers, a 2036 percent boost in total damage is a frightening prospect.


Deathmatch is a great alternative for those on a budget. It’s only available through the purchased battlepass, but it increases Hu Tao’s CRIT Rate by 36.8% at the highest level. As a result, with it equipped, players can CRIT significantly more frequently.

Furthermore, it has a positive effect, making Hu Tao even more dangerous. She can gain a 2448% ATK increase if there are fewer than two foes around.

Even if there are more adversaries around, a 1632 percent ATK and DEF bonus in Genshin Impact isn’t bad.

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

P2W choices are available on several of Hu Tao’s top Polearms. The Primordial Jade Winged-Spear is currently only available in one banner, but it’s a fantastic choice for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact.

It increases the user’s CRIT Rate by 22.1 percent, and it also improves Hu Tao’s lethal offensive powers. If she uses this Polearm to hit an enemy, her Attack will increase by 3.26.0 percent and up to seven stacks.

A 0.3-second cooldown is insignificant, yet peak stacks can increase damage by 1224 percent.

Staff of Homa

Because this Polearm debuted alongside Hu Tao’s entry in the Weapon Banner, it’s only fitting that it’s a fantastic choice for her. CRIT DMG is its secondary stat, which may increase to 66.2 percent in Genshin Impact.

It has the effect of increasing the user’s ATK by the amount of HP they are missing. When the user is under 50%, this boost rises as well. Her Elemental Skill will benefit from the additional 20 to 40% HP. She’s more likely to have some additional Max HP to give up in exchange for a big ATK boost.

It has the most potential for players that invest a lot of money on Genshin Impact because it is a 5-star Polearm.

Despite the fact that all of these possibilities are listed, players must exercise caution and weigh their options. Genshin Impact is a complex game that needs careful consideration and tactical manoeuvring.

Five good Crystal Core locations

It is easier for a player to farm it as it rises in level. This isn’t to say that these are the only sites where you can farm Crystal Cores.

There are 169 Crystalflies in Genshin Impact. As a result, after obtaining the items on this list, players can try to collect additional.

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