Genshin Impact adventure rank farming: Best farming spots

Genshin Impact offers a lot of rare and unique ascension materials to find scattered across the huge world.

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Genshin Impact offers a lot of rare and unique ascension materials to find scattered across the huge world. Those materials come in handy to level up characters past certain thresholds, providing them new power and improved abilities.

Players will be required to collect these ascension materials to make their teams as strong as possible. Glaze Lilies are one of the plants native only to Liyue, and players can find them growing sparsely throughout the region. Here are the spots where players can easily find Glaze Lilies.

Where to find Glaze Lilies?

Finding Glaze Lilies can be a tough task, as they only grow in a few places in Liyue. However, these brightly colored flowers are easy to spot if players are trying to look at the right places. The flowers can be found growing throughout Liyue Harbour, and Qingce Village, and there aren’t many to pick because of the flower’s rarity.

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Still, players will require them if they plan on ascending certain characters from the region. As of now, only two characters in the game currently require Glaze Lilies to ascend – Ningguang and Yun Jin. These two will need around 168 Glaze Lilies each to ascend to level 90, making it difficult to farm for them.

Only 49 Glaze Lilies are growing in the wild, and fans will be required to collect tons of them to get either of these to max level. Fortunately, the flowers respawn every 48 hours, so players won’t have to wait for a long time to gather them.

Where to buy Glaze Lilies?

If players are in need of extra Glaze Lilies, they can also go to Qingce Village and speak with Ms. Bai who will offer 3 Glaze Lilies in her shop. However, these flowers are overpriced and players shouldn’t buy them unless they only need three to finish their ascension. Glaze Lilies might be hard to find, but they are worth collecting.

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