Games like Arena of Valor players should try out

Players who like playing arena games, Act of Valor makes for a great title.

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For players who like playing arena games, Arena of Valor makes for a great title. The multiplayer mode offers a great experience. But there comes a time when players want to try something else but not completely unfamiliar. So, here are some games that Arena of Valor players should try.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

In this game, there are two teams with three players each that chase each other around a map and take on their opponents. One team is called heroes while the other team is called ninjas. Players can opt from 18 different heroes and 4 different ninjas at the beginning of each game.

League of Legends

It is one of the first MOBA games to be launched and has an active player base of over 10 million. It’s a good game for beginners looking to try out multiplayer online games. The game is developed by Riot Games. It’s free to play but offers a lot of in-game purchases.

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Among Us

This is an interactive game that takes players to a futuristic world where humans live in bunkers. Players will take shelter with one other person and then get dropped inside a bunker together with 3 other strangers.

Honor of kings

This is the highest-grossing app in China and South Korea, which speaks volumes about its popularity. The game is available on the App Store and Google Play. With a $2 billion battle royale strategy game, Honor of Kings has become the most famous game across the globe.


This might be the most popular game among the lot. PUBG is a game for everyone. The creators have taken several years to make this game and it has finally come to fruition. At the start, players are given free roam. Players can walk around and do what they wish. Cut to, there are dropped on a map with other players fighting it out to win chicken dinner.

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