Free Fire Season 46 Pass Rewards: Check all available items

The Season 45 Elite pass will be available to Garena Free Fire players in the following days. Free Fire Season 46 pass rewards, on the other hand, has a slew of leaks circulating the internet. Essentially, Elite Pass allows users to enjoy new in-game stuff every month. You’ll learn about the rewards of the future elite pass here. So, let’s learn more about the March 2022 Free Fire Elite Pass Leaks.

Every Elite Pass comes with a slew of bonuses from the game’s creators. Garena primarily sells exclusive Outfits, costume bundles, characters, emotes, and other items. The Season 44 Elite Pass is now available in-game and will be available until January 31st. The February Elite Pass will begin on February 1st, 2022 and run until February 28th, 2022. As a result, the Season 46 Elite Pass could arrive as early as March 1, 2022. Players were also allowed to pre-order the pass, which will be available a few days before the official debut.

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Free Fire Season 46 Pass Rewards: Check all available items

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  • Moto Technologia Vapo – 0 badges
  • UMP Orelhas De Bronze – 10 Badges
  • Jaueta de bronze – 15 badges
  • Weapon Royale Voucher – 20 Badges
  • Banner Olhos De Bronze – 30 Badges
  • Conjunta Orelhas de bronze Bundle – 50 badges
  • USP Dlhas de Estanho – 80 badges
  • Prancha Tecnologia a Vapo – 100 badges
  • Granade Technologia Vapo – 125 badges
  • Evolution Stone – 140 Badges
  • Espólio Caveira a Vapo – 150 badges
  • Mochila Coelho a Vapo (Backapack) – 180 badges
  • Loot Box – 200 badges
  • Pets – 210 Badges
  • Conjunta Orelhas de Estanho – 225 badges

So, it’s all about the money. In addition, free gifts such as an avatar and new clothes will be available. So keep tuned for further information on the elite pass. Meanwhile, you can go through several copies.

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