Free Fire pet: Best Free Fire pets with Alok

Free fire involves many characters that are important for a good gaming experience.

Garena Free Fire (Credits: Play Store)

Free fire involves many characters that are important for a good gaming experience. They come equipped with unique abilities to enable players to perform better during matches. Over the years, several characters with different abilities have been released in the game. However, Alok is still one of the primary choices for players. Here are the best pets to pair with Alok and they are available in the store for 699 diamonds.


This character comes with Dragon Flare which is well suited for players with an aggressive mindset since it will detect an opponent using medkits with a 10m range. While engaging in close battles, players can make use of this information and take advantage of the situation, taking on opponents when they are off-guard.

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Mr. Waggor

It has been one of the most used pets in the game, thanks to its ability to offer players with gloo walls, an important piece of utility. At the start, players will get a gloo wall every 120 seconds when they have none. Once the level goes higher, Mr. Waggor will provide one gloo wall grenade every 100 seconds whenever players have less than 2.

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This character’s skill is ideal for battle royale because of its influence on the landing speed. With the pet skill being equipped by at least one player in the squad, the whole team will get a 15% boost in their gliding speed after diving from the plane. This character enables users to land quickly and collect the loot.


Rockie is proved to be useful with any character with an active ability. It reduces the cooldown time of such skills by 6% at the first level. Stay Chill reduces the cooldown time by 15%, which means that players can use Drop the Beat every 38.25 seconds.


Beaston’s Helping Hand doesn’t directly sync with Alok’s enhanced movement, but it still brings along a nice perk. The ability offers an additional range to utilities such as grenades, gloo walls, and smoke by 10%.

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