Free Fire New Character Nairi, Check out skills, how to obtain and more

Nairi is the name of the new character.

Free Fire New Character Nairi, Check out skills, how to obtain and more. (Credits: In-game Screenshot)

Garena One of the most popular battle royale games in the world is Free Fire. New events and awards are frequently introduced for the gamers. The game’s creators have now decided to introduce yet another new character. Nairi is the name of the character. Garena has made an official video about it. So, let’s take a closer look at the Free Fire new character Nairi.

Garena is always surprising the players with new characters and in-game goods. For the gamers, they have now incorporated a new character. The character will undoubtedly provide gamers fresh perspectives. When players learn about the introduction of new characters, they are always ecstatic. Having them would be a fantastic chance for the players.

Free Fire New Character Nairi

Meanwhile, Garena has released a statement regarding the character. They posted, “Nairi’s origin story reveals a tragic past… But that doesn’t stop him from facing forward and finding the truth hidden in the frost Tag your friends to tell them about the new character now! ” The character is not available right now. They have to wait for a few more days to have this.

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Nairi Skills

The character’s Nairi skill is Gel of Steel, which is a passive skill. The ability of this character is useful for extending the gel wall’s durability. Because this character is a passive character, there is no need for a cooldown when using this character’s ability. Players can automatically restore their implanted gel walls every second by using this character’s ability. It will, however, assist the individual in damaging the enemy’ gel walls when firing any AR weapon such as the AK, M4A1, SCAR, and so on.

When a character’s talent reaches its maximum level, though, it becomes more powerful. Nairi’s character level must be raised from 1 to 6 in order for her to become more powerful. To level up the Naira character in Free Fire, players can acquire Universal Fragments or Naira Memory Fragments.

How To Obtain Nairi In Free Fire

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