Free Fire: Most overpowered character abilities of all time

Players executing distinct tactics will be able to conquer a Free Fire battle more efficiently.

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Players executing distinct tactics will be able to conquer a Free Fire battle more efficiently. Character abilities are without a doubt very important while building match-winning strategies, depending on the circumstances on the battlegrounds.

This makes choosing abilities an important task for gamers to suit their play style and combat engagement frequency. However, there are a few options whose abilities are overpowered and cannot be ignored. The characters listed in this article are among the most used and potent ones whose abilities perform really well in warfare.

Best character abilities of all time


Ability: Camouflage (active)

This ability lasts for 15 seconds and transforms users into a bush with a 20% reduced movement speed. In bush form, the default aim of enemies gets disabled, making the character a difficult target. However, the transformation ends if they try attacking.

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Ability: Master of All (active)

This character’s ability increase the maximum EP of the players by 50. Besides, it also serves them in two modes — Psychology and Jiu-jitsu, with a mode switch cooldown time of 3 seconds.

When the former is active, allies within a range of 6m get a 500% increase in EP conversion rate, while the latter helps players recover 3 EP each second, up to 250 EP.


Ability: Healing Heartbeat (active)

This character’s unique ability, healing Heartbeat, creates a 3.5m diameter healing zone, inside which players and their allies recover 3 HP/s. Moreover, when downed, players can self-recover to get up.

However, the zone only lasts for 15 seconds, and the ability has a cooldown time of 1 minute. This character is magnificent for the squad and duo battles in the battle royale and Clash Squads modes.

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