Free Fire: Mistakes to avoid when pushing rank

Although gaining rank is difficult, it is not impossible.

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By Aaryanshi Mohan | Oct 20, 2021 | 4 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Obtaining a higher rating in Free Fire is far from simple. Opponents are more difficult than usual, fundamental methods no longer work, and everyone is determined to win at all costs.

Although gaining rank is difficult, it is not impossible. The most common problem that players experience is committing mistakes during a match, which can usually be avoided.

5 mistakes to avoid while pushing in ranked matches i n Free Fire

Playing with inexperienced team

Because Free Fire is a battle royale game, players will naturally want to partner up with others throughout a match. While this is a wonderful method to learn the game and meet new people, when pushing rank, players must carefully select their teammates.

While everybody can play the game, not everyone is skilled at it. When it comes to rank push, gamers should only play with those who can hold their own during the game. It’s easy to get into trouble when you’re playing with inexperienced teammates.

Not understanding the strengths and weaknesses of characters

With over thirty characters to choose from in Free Fire, most players will find it impossible to master them all. Each of them has a special passive or active ability that they can use in specific circumstances.

Despite the large number of characters, players must study each character’s strengths and limitations in order to improve their chances of winning matches.

Inability to use gloo walls properly

In Free Fire, mastering the gloo barriers is akin to mastering the game itself. Most matches will be won by players who can efficiently employ the gloo wall in-game. Those who do not do so will be eliminated rather early in the game.

For players attempting to advance in rank, failing to master the gloo wall is a significant disadvantage. Their strategic options are restricted without understanding this tactical equipment, and foes can easily take the upper hand.

Not rotating efficiently

One of the most common mistakes players make in Free Fire is confusing movement around the battlefield with rotations. While both involve migrating from one location to another, the two are vastly different.

Rotating entails not just travelling from one location to another, but also moving to important locations. Players who move to the high ground, for example, will have a better perspective of their surroundings and a better shooting angle.

Rushing in to eliminations

Rushing is one of the most common blunders made by players during rank pushes in Free Fire. While the strategy is frequently employed with great success, it is not appropriate in all circumstances. Players who rush in to try to secure kills, on the other hand, are frequently eliminated.

It’s sometimes preferable to simply avoid the opponent and go on to the next target. During a match, not every opponent must be pressured. Furthermore, before rushing, players should thoroughly assess the approach to guarantee that it is failsafe.

Introduction of a new character

For the India server, Garena Fire is planning to release a new Supercharger An94 Incubator. In the next days, players will receive rare products and awards. The incubator is expected to arrive within the following week. So, let’s take a look at the Garena Free Fire New Supercharger An94 Incubator in more depth.

Every two months or so, Garena comes up with a new incubator. Around the 19th of October, Free Fire is expected to reveal the new Supercharger An94 Incubator. On the specified day, the incubator will be available on the Indian Server. As a result, the players will be tremendously excited. The incubator is critically needed by the players.

In Garena Free Fire, the Incubator is a particularly special form of Lucky Wheel. Every two months, the prizes in the Incubator will switch to a new theme with new skins and bundles. It might, however, be multiple packs with the same theme or gun skins in various colour variations.

We can expect different colour skins of a single gun with distinct features in the case of this incubator. Damage, Fire Rate, Magazine, Accuracy, Reload Speed, Penetration, Movement Speed, and Range will all be different per each skin. In the image above, you can view all of the attributes of the gun skins. Some have a lot of damage, a lot of fire rate, and a lot of magazine. Others have superior accuracy, reload speed, and a variety of other attributes. As a result, all of the characteristics are intermingled. Skins can be obtained based on the preferences of the players. So that’s everything there is to know about the new incubator. Keep up with us for the latest information on free Fire and its upcoming activities.