Free Fire Mistake: Shotgun mistakes Free Fire players make

When we speak of close-range firepower in Free Fire, shotguns come to mind instantly.

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When we speak of close-range firepower in Free Fire, shotguns come to mind instantly. They deal huge amounts of damage, and players can easily wipe out an entire squad. Unfortunately, not everyone is good with this weapon class.

When using a shotgun, players make a lot of mistakes. This hampers their chances of winning and might lead to an early exit from matches. Here are a few mistakes that players can avoid during Free Fire matches.

Shooting while staying stationary

When players use a shotgun at close-range, staying stationary might not be the right decision. There are chances that the opponent is also using a shotgun and will be able to land headshots with ease. To avoid this situation, players can either move and shoot or jump during combat, which makes it difficult for the enemies to shoot with accuracy.

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Spraying to deal damage

Spraying an enemy with bullets, ARs, LMGs, and others is one of the best options for Free Fire players. Given the big size of the magazine and the high rate of fire, enemies won’t have the time to react. However, some players try to use shotguns in a similar fashion. Rather than being precise with their shots, they tend to spray blindly, which results in missing their shots.

Using shotguns in mid-range combat

Shotguns in Free Fire have a very limited range. Unless players are shooting at point-blank range, the chances of causing significant damage are very low. In fact, it could lead to other problems as the gun takes time to reload.

Not taking headshots

Body shots will not cause a lot of damage unless using the M1887 that offers armor penetration. While they are very helpful, players will not take down opponents easily. Players should know how to land headshots to maximize efficiency with a shotgun.

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