Free Fire MAX OB36: What are the features and rewards?

Credits: Garena Free Fire

This advanced server was launched this year and the recent update called OB36  by the team Free Fire. The entire team and players are damn excited about it. The team has now started by posting various content about the recent update here on social platforms. In the game the preview of the next event, Login after the patch is added in the game. And based on this, the players will get an idea about the scenario. Here are more details about it. As the players download the new version of the game, the Garena will offer new items. The events have been started, on September 21 and 26 September and they will be rewarded with vouchers and loot crates. Free Fire MAX OB36: What are the features and rewards?

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Remember, the users need to log in each day to get access to different rewards and this is set by the developers in the game. Here are the items and their specifications. Here are the steps to get the game strategies more easily. 

  1. Login1 day: 2x Diamond Royale Vouchers (expire 31 October 2022) and 2x
  2. Weapon Royale Vouchers will expire on 31 October 2022
  3. Login 2 days: Futuristic Weapon Loot Crate
  4. Login 3 days: Gold Royale Voucher (expire 31 October 2022)
  5. Login 4 days: Demolitionist Weapon Loot Crate
  6. Login 5 days: Incubator Voucher (expire 31 October 2022)

Here are the steps to get. 

  1. The player needs to open the Free Fire Max and choose the Event section. Then you need to opt for the Calendar icon.
  1. Now you need to click on “Mystery Madness” and then step forward for the Login after the patch event. 
  2. Choose the “Claim” button, and present it near the different rewards. 

For Luck Royale, the players need to use the voucher. And to get a Gun skin the players need to use Loot Crates for the permanent or temporary gun skin. Normally, the maintenance break for updates starts at 9:00 am IST and lasts till 5 or 5:30 pm IST. After the release of the new version, different features will be added to the Battle Royale title, a new Gold Royale will be launched and soon a new Clash Squad season will start. Click here to see more features in the upcoming OB36 update of Free Fire MAX. Follow the steps and get a better experience. Stay connected and get more access to the Free Fire. 

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