Free Fire MAX Booyah Pass: Checkout all the details

By Tanisha Wankhade | Jan 25, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The recent version of Booyah Pass in Free Fire MAX is going to end soon, players are making themselves ready for the upcoming one. The January Booyah Pass got was full of good rewards than last versions of Elite Pass, coming with different levels of rewards. Nonetheless, with just some days continuing from February month, leaks have begun arriving stating the rewards along with the names of the pass. We have every detail about the Booyah Pass of Free Fire February Booyah Pass. Free Fire MAX Booyah Pass: Checkout all the details.

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The current version of Booyah Pass has been named Fumes on Fire and it will be as always accessible until the conclusion of January month. Garena come up with a fresh iteration of the Booyah pass, getting tons of rewards to improve the gameplay experience. Players will get the second version of Booyah Pass from February 1, 2023. Two  distinct passes are available and they are Free and Premium, Hence, players must update to the premium one to obtain a more crucial one. Also, two premium options will be available there and they are Premium and Premium Plus. Premium Pass would be priced at 499 Diamonds, on the other hand, Premium Plus will make you spend 999 diamonds.

Well-known Data miner uploaded a post, revealing forthcoming rewards of Season 2 Booyah Pass without stating the name of those ones. Just as other various leaks, the name of the forthcoming Booyah Pass named as ALLIGATOR. The Booyah Pass will as always have one male and female bundle as well as other skins. As stated before, the names are not obvious yet.

Checkout all the rewards of Boyaah pass here

The last Elite Pass has had badges to finish, while the Booyah Pass has levels. Premium Pass will let players to update up to the 120 levels, and the Premium Pass will let them to upgrade beyond the stated one, and that is up to level 170. Besides, players get a good start of 0 Levels if they go for the latter one. The procedure to upgrade the pass will stay them same for all the forthcoming Booyah Passes.

  1. Crocoslayer Parachute and Sports Car – Crocoslayer:  Level 10
  2. Crocochamp Banner and Crocoslayer Banner: Level 20
  3. Crocoslayer Loot Box: Level 30
  4. Crocoslayer Avatar and Crocochamp Banner: Level 40
  5. Croco T-Shirt and Crocotamer Bundle: Level 50
  6. Grenade – Crocoslayer: Level 70
  7. Crocoslayer Skyboard: Level 80
  8. Pixel Croco Backpack: Level 90
  9. Crocodarer Bundle and BP S2 Crate: Level 100
  10. BP S2 Crate: Level 110: Level 110
  11. BP S2 Crate: Level 115
  12. Booyah Pass S2 Crate: Level 120
  13. CrcoBat: Level 130
  14. BP S2 Crate: Level 135
  15. Croco Hooray emote: Level 140
  16. Kord – Crocodare and BP S2 Crate: Level 150
  17. BP S2 Deluxe Crate (Repeatable for every one Booyah Pass level): Level 151

So, this was all about the rewards that would be accessible in the February Booyah Pass.

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