Free Fire MAX Advance Server APK for OB35 Advance Expected release date, and more.

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Regular updates keep the conversation going in the free-fire community around the world. This is important for the game as it helps keep things fresh while making it more inclusive for a constantly growing audience. Free Fire MAX Advance Server APK for OB35 Advance, Expected release date, and more.

The OB34 update went live in late May and made several improvements to the characters and weapons. At the same time, Bomb Squad mode and Map were recently added. This update has also created excitement and anticipation for the next OB35 patch, which will be released in a few weeks.

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However, as with any previous update, the features will be added to the advanced server first. Read on to find out more about it.

Remember, the Free fire is banned in India. Due to restrictions imposed by the government, gamers in the country are advised not to participate. They can play the MAX version, which is not in restricted applications.

Advanced Server is a special client that developers release before each patch to test all new features and fine-tune them to give them the optimal experience at the time of release. The client is usually released about two to three weeks before the update and is available for a few days.

The OB35 update is expected to go live on July 20, 2022. Based on the trends discussed earlier, gamers can expect the Free Fire OB35 Advance Server to be released in the second or third week of July.

Free Fire Advance Server is only accessible on Android devices. Once the Advance Server is launched, all players can download the APK directly from the official Advance Server website.

However, even after installing it, users will need an activation code that must be entered after the game has been booted for the first time.

The developers have implemented this system because the client can only support a limited number of players. As a result, players can register themselves on the official website for a chance to get activation codes.

  • Gamers will need to access the Free Fire Advance Server website after Garena announces the details of their upcoming client.
  • Gamers need to sign in with their Facebook or Google Accounts. Next, they need to enter all the required details to fill their profile and click on the ‘Join Now’ button.

Final words

New updates with the new features are bringing excitement to the game. Also, the new features are approaching more players and this boosts gaming. 

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