Free Fire headshot: How to hit more headshots in Free Fire?

Taking consecutive headshots on opponents in Free Fire is a skill not everyone has.

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Taking consecutive headshots on opponents in Free Fire is a skill not everyone has. Players who manage to take these shots have an extremely high K/D ratio. However, to become accurate players will have to practice a lot.

Fortunately, the process of improving accuracy and landing more headshots can start at any time. Players don’t need to wait for hours to get better at it. They can start applying some tips to take more accurate headshots in the game.

Scoping in on targets is important

When targeting far-away targets, hipfire mode gets inaccurate. Bullets begin to miss their targets and players end up wasting ammunition without any tactical gain. To fix it, players need to shift to scope-fire mode. Aiming down sight will be more accurate, and landing a headshot will be easier. With some practice, players can grow this skill.

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Adjusting in-game sensitivity settings can help

Sensitivity settings are very crucial in the game. While the factory settings of the game are good, players might want to tweak some controls to fit their style of gaming. While there are many pre-sets that players can use, finding the one that suits their style will require some tinkering. This will enable complete customized controls that are better suited for the individual player.

Practice in training mode

Engaging live targets in the game is the best way to get better at taking headshots. The dynamics are constantly altering and players need to accustom to stay ahead of their competition. However, shooting dummy targets in the training mode is a very good option to improve skills.

Since target dummies won’t come back at you, players can practice shooting them without worrying about getting eliminated. This will allow them to take their time and aim for the head.

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