Free Fire: Five most popular characters you need to try out

Free Fire is one of the most popular online mobile games right now and one of the key features of the game is picking a character that suits you. Here are five of the most popular ones to pick from.

Free Fire best name: we take a look at some of the best character names that you can give yourself on popular game Garena Free Fire.

Free Fire is a Battle Royale mobile game that first came out in 2017. Developed and published by Garena, the free to play game is a traditional Battle Royale game where 50 players jump from a plane onto an abandoned island and duke it out, with the last remaining player being the winner. Game lengths usually varies from 15-25 minutes depending upon the players style of play as well as the approach they use. The game also offers up a total of 35 characters for users to play as, each boasting their own unique features and abilities so as to offer up plenty of choices to players. 

Here we take a look at the five most popular characters from the game:

DJ Alok – DJ Alok is arguably the most popular and sought out character on the game. He possesses an ability called Drop The Beat which helps to create an aura of 5m that increases the ally movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP per second, with the effect lasting five seconds. The ability can be maximized to level 6 with the help of character fragments and at the highest potential, he increases ally movement speed by 15% and restores HP by 5HP/s for a total of ten seconds. 

K – He is another popular character pick among users due to his appreciably unique abilities. He is described within the game Free Fire as a professor and a jiu-jitsu expert who boasts an active ability called Master of All.  This means that in the Jiu-Jitsu mode, his allies that are within a 6m radius get a boost of 500% of EP conversion rate. Furthermore, in the psychology mode, he can recover 2 EP every three seconds up to 100 EP; the catch is that the mode switch cooldown takes approximately twenty seconds to happen. 

Chrono – A new addition to the game, Chrono has already managed to attain some popularity with fans of the game. His active ability is Time Turner, which lets him create a force field and block significant damage from enemies. This ability also sees Chrono shooting opponents within the force field with an increased movement speed of 15% when he is inside the force field. The activation of Chrono’s skill set sees allies inside the force field get 10% increased movement speed that lasts for four seconds with a cooldown of 50 seconds. 

Hayato – A character that is popular among users mostly for his defensive abilities, Hayato’s character description within the game has him down as a legendary samurai with a passive ability known as Bushido. His skill set increases armour penetration by up to 7.5% and a 10% decrease in maximum HP. Once he levels up to 6 though, with every 10% decrease in maximum HP the armour penetration goes up by 10%. 

Dasha – Another new character that was added to the game only recently, Dasha is a very popular female character. Her abilities help the player reduce damage taken from falls by 30% and lessen recovery time from falls by 60% while also diminishing the rate of recoil build-up by 6% and reducing the maximum recoil by 6%. At maximum potential, she allows the player to increase reduced damage from falls by 50%, reduces recovery time from falls by 80%, and also reduces rate of recoil build-up by 10% while decreasing maximum recoil by 10%.

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