Free Fire Booyah Day: List of events and rewards coming on Booyah day celebration

Booyah Day honours moments of accomplishment in both the game and in real life.

Garena Free Fire (Credits: Play Store)

Garena Free Fire is gearing up for its mega event, Free Fire Booyah Day 2021. There are a lot of rewards to be had, and players are trying to obtain as many as they can. You’ll find all of the event schedules and incentives here. The event’s peak day is November 20, 2021. So, let’s take a closer look at the occasion.

Booyah Day honours moments of accomplishment in both the game and in real life. From now through November 20th, elements of Booyah Day will be included in Free Fire, with a new interface and a variety of themed activities and rewards.

As previously stated, Garena is releasing a new character named Neon, which will contain Alpha Flameborn’s costume, Masked Warlord’s costume, Mystic Evil’s costume, Evo Gun, Gloo Wall, and Backpacks for players.

Garena Free Fire, on the other hand, has announced a few events such as Battle in Style and Top-up events such as Otho Top-up Event, Booyah Day Top-up, and Booyah Top-up II. The action will pick up again following Booyah Day, with Battle In Style aspects being introduced to participants in the game starting November 21. Battle In Style aims to encourage players to stay positive and have fun, even when confronted with hardships or pursuing life goals.

From November 21st, a Battle In Style interface and reskin, as well as other Battle In Style-themed awards and activities, will be available in Free Fire.

Free Fire Booyah Day Events

Top DJ Alok, DVLM, and KSHMR will play their hottest singles live on Free Fire’s official YouTube channel, just in time for the Booyah Day’s peak day on November 20.

The Booyah Day Celebration is the most thrilling aspect of this promotion. It will take place from November 12 to 20, and according to Garena it will feature “new in-game designs, items, and events.”

“The ability for players to adopt many character styles, customize appearances, and embrace their true individuality in Free Fire is one of the top reasons why players enjoy the game,” Garena producer Harold Teo said. “We will continue to offer different ways for players to express themselves, with Battle In Style and beyond.”

A live concert by Free Fire’s virtual band, T.R.A.P., will be part of the Battle In Style global campaign. Moco, Antonio, Miguel, and Kelly, four characters from the game, make up the band.

In late November, they will upload a live performance on YouTube that will include music, choreography, and virtual interactions. Garena has also stated that “interactive technologies” will be used to allow viewers to participate in the performance. More information will be given at a later date. Booyah Day honours moments of acco

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